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  • July 08, 2013
  • Case Study

July 8, 2013 -The SabraFence Perimeter Defense System allows early intrusion detection. The system uses a combination of sensing capabilities, a self analytical “Intelligent” capability and existing infrastructures and perimeters (for example: walls, different types of fences or corrugated materials). The system implements many innovatiove technologies in the Secutiry and Defense field, such as:

  • Temperature Sensors- measures and reports unusual changes in the environmental temperature in proximity of the sensor.
  • Magnetic sensor (for fence protection)- using a built in magnetic sensor, the system can report events and opening / closing of relays or movement.  
  • Expantion- possibility of adding extra sensors logging a local event on the fence
  • All sensors in one- All of these capabilities (sensing Temperature, Motion Vibration, Magnetic discharge) are built-into each sensor, thus allowing each sensor to detect different inputs uppon demand.
  • Active and Passive- the unique sensors both passivly detect incomming changes in the enviroment, and can also be actively operated from afar by the control unit, thus allowing, for example, an electromagnetic test on each sensor from the control unit or switching the sensor mode from motion to temperature on demand.
  • Unique Software Management- designed to allow management of the entire security interface from the control unit. This includes management of patrols by maintaining records of reported patrols of the site. Reporting is carried out directly on the sensor installed on top of infrastructure. Sensors send signals to a central control box which can transfer the information to different reporting systems, such as alarm systems, dry contacts, cameras, etc.
  • Add on System- using existing resources and also new by simply adding on the new system

SabraFence perimeter defense systems are sold world wide in the U.S.A, Australia, Central and South America and Europe and have been proven in the field for years.

Sabra uses the IA-2116-U a 16-ch 2Amp, 30VDC Common Shared SPDT, USB Relay Controller Board and the IA-2104-U a 4-ch, 240VAC, 8Amp, SPDT Relay, USB Relay Controller Board, in the first multiple sensing transducer for perimeter detection.

They are the connection between the sensor system in the field to both the alarm system and the controlling unit of the entire facility. There is one module in each fencing system, the IA-2104-U for smaller systems and the IA-2116-U for larger systems. The Dry Contact on the Relay Board is responsible for activating either the alarm system of sending a text message to the control unit once one of the sensors in the field is activated, and operate cameras to see the place on the fence. The decision to use Intelligent-Appliances Modules was based on their performance in the field, the fact that they are both open frame and have DIN-Rail mounting ability, the flexible amount of relays (4 or 16 or 32 as appose to the generic 6 relays), pricing, fast delivery time and extensive technical support and service. Another two distinctive advantages for the IA-2116-U is the small volume footprint it leaves. For a 16 relay module it is very small, leaving room in the cabinet for other necessary devices. In addition its wiring very effective because it is built in on the board. Yishai Hatsir from SabraFence on the modules: “Since starting the project the modules have proven themselves in the field and we received high quality service and very good lead times”.

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