iQuest Integrates KEPServerEX to Deliver Augmented Reality View of Plant Floor

  • October 04, 2013
  • Kepware
  • Case Study

Kepware Technologies' flagship product has been integrated with iQuest, Inc.’s iQagent to deliver an augmented reality view of any industrial plant floor. The Kepware-supported iQuest, Inc. application turns any plant floor into a data-rich environment by allowing technicians to gather, view, and access all data associated with industrial machinery.

iQuest needed iQagent equipped to instantly connect with any machine regardless of its supported protocol. Engineered to support the OPC standard and over 150 different protocols, KEPServerEX allows iQagent to interact with virtually any piece of machinery to consolidate and display previously disparate resources, including operational data, schematics, technical resources, and URLs associated with the equipment process. The iOS-supported application uses QR codes to identify the equipment or process area in the user’s vicinity and then displays all relevant process data, document links, and resources in a highly intuitive user interface on an iPad or iPhone display. iQagent turns any plant floor into a data-rich environment by providing technicians with an augmented reality view of production machinery.

Kepware’s KEPServerEX is specifically engineered to connect disparate devices and applications. It easily manages, monitors, and controls diverse automation devices and software applications through a robust platform that supports an array of open standards. Kepware’s OPC drivers offer the broadest set of support and remove the burden of learning new communications protocols and applications.

“In the Industrial Automation industry, there is no standard language for communications, like the widely known HTTP standard that you see on the Internet,” said Bob Meads, Founder and CEO of iQuest. “So you can imagine how difficult it could be to get one application to connect to and communicate with disparate devices in an environment as diverse and complex as an industrial plant floor. With Kepware, it just worked.”

Since partnering with Kepware, iQagent has been implemented by highly reputable customers, including the production facilities of one of the industry’s largest automotive companies and one of the world’s leading healthcare product developers.

For additional information about the implementation, please read the complete iQuest, Inc. case study here.

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