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  • June 17, 2013
  • POSITAL - Fraba Inc.
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June 17, 2013 – POSITAL updated its web site to give customers a more convenient tool for specifying sensors that meet the exact requirements of their applications. POSITAL’s position and motion sensors are based on a highly modular design philosophy that makes it possible to offer a very wide range of product configurations in a highly cost-effective manner. The product portfolio includes 40,000-plus rotary encoder variants, over 200 inclinometer models and more than 900 linear sensor configurations. This means that POSITAL can supply products that closely fit customer requirements. However, finding the ‘right’ product in a catalogue with over 40,000 entries can be a daunting proposition! POSITAL has simplified the task of locating the right product by adding a powerful and convenient product finder tool to the company’s newly revamped web site. Using this tool, customers specify the options they require; the tool narrows the search and provides detailed specifications for the products that meet these criteria. In the case of POSITAL’s IXARC rotary encoders for example, customers can choose among several measurement ranges, resolutions (steps per turn), communications interfaces, housing materials, degrees of ingress protection, shaft configurations, shaft diameters and flange designs. Options such as certification (CE/UL, ATEX, SIL) can also be specified. Once the right model has been selected, POSITAL’s streamlined ordering and production systems are able to deliver the finished product quickly, usually within 10 business days. POSITAL’s new web site provides extensive support for users in 13 languages, reflecting the company’s commitment to global markets. About FRABA and POSITAL FRABA Inc. is the North American member of the Netherlands-based FRABA Group, a family of enterprises focused on providing advanced products for position sensing and motion control in many sectors and applications. Business units within the FRABA group include POSITAL (rotary encoders, position sensors and inclinometers) and VITECTOR (safety assurance equipment).

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