Yorkshire Water installs 450 Chlorine Monitors

  • November 18, 2013
  • Case Study

November 18, 2013--Analytical Technology supplied and installed Yorkshire Water with 450 Q46H62 free chlorine monitors, which have been engineered to overcome the traditional issues associated with buffered amperometric monitors. The monitor features a variable water quality pH correction algorithm which allows the monitors to be deployed in processes that derive their raw water from all types of sources such as rivers, boreholes, surface water.  Yorkshire Water made a requirement of supply that, wherever possible, the new system be free from the use of chemical buffering, traditionally associated with such measurements. The Yorkshire Water view is that acetate and phosphate buffers are expensive, present health and safety issues and are environmentally unfriendly. Buffer delivery systems are also maintenance-intensive and reagents are costly. By avoiding the use of reagents wherever possible, Yorkshire Water sites could achieve huge operating cost savings and reduce their environmental impact.

The company identified measurement accuracy, reliability and cost-effectiveness as the principle benefits it wanted to achieve from a new framework.  With these requirements in mind, the research and development team ran an extensive trial testing 24 analysers from 12 different manufactures on several water treatment works against the company’s existing analysers. The results demonstrated that Analytical Technology’s Q46H Residual Chlorine Monitor offered the most accurate, efficient, reliable and cost effective system, ATi was therefore awarded the framework.

In specifying monitoring instrumentation from Analytical Technology, Yorkshire Water has replaced their region-wide chlorine monitoring system with monitors that are more efficient, reliable and cost effective.  The intuitive interface of the monitors enables operators at Yorkshire Water to easily calibrate and operate the instruments. In the vast majority of installations there is also no longer any need to manhandle 25 litre containers of buffer around sites.  In addition, the chlorine monitors supplied help to achieve compliance with EU directives, as well as the stringent internal guidelines set out by Yorkshire Water. Analytical Technology’s monitors work within the parameters required by these directives.

Alan Henson, Project Manager at Yorkshire Water said: “Analytical Technology came out comfortably the best performer in our rigorous selection process, and the company’s vast experience with membrane technology places them ahead of most of their competitors, who were one step behind them in adopting the new technology. Now that the roll-out is complete, the scheme has realised around £336K of OPEX savings per annum, and operators will no longer have to manhandle 25 litre containers of buffer around our sites. ATi has provided an excellent service and it is a pleasure working with a company who are very customer focused.  The high level of technical support that Analytical Technology provides really differentiates the company, and all staff have extensive knowledge of their products. The monitors also run without reagent in the majority of installations, resulting in cost savings and Analytical Technology has tailor-made a solution to fit our needs rather than just supplying a monitor.”

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