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  • January 09, 2014
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January 9, 2014 - The EPLAN Data Portal now provides over 350,000 component data from 56 manufacturers. New additions to the EPLAN Data Portal  include General Electric (GE) in the field of high-voltage current switchgear, Numatics with fluid power components, Murrelektronik, with field distributors, Omron, and cable manufacturers Schweiger, Sigmatec, Stego and TKD Kabel.dataportal.jpg: Expanded and updated equipment data in the EPLAN Data Portal accelerates project planning. Efficient design starts with a standardized component that is added to the design project via the EPLAN Data Portal. With this, users will work faster, more efficiently and with actual data that has been approved by the manufacturer. We have integrated 8 more manufacters to the current 48 manufacturers  that have been already represented in the portal. We have also updated many of the product catalogues for the existing 48 manufacturers. The first example is GE: Thise manufacturer has added 700 new part records in the field of high-voltage switchgear with corresponding illustrations and macros of the switchgear to simplify the electrical design with EPLAN. The automation manufacturer, Murrelektronik, is also new to the portal. They have integrated their field distributors, cables, protective devices, voltage sources and PLC components into the portal. Users will benefit from over 270 records with images including 2D and 3D macros. Another new member in the portal is the American company Numatics, a leading component manufacturer in fluid power engineering. Over 100,000 records of fluid valves can now be added to the design rapidly. A. Schweiger GmbH is also currently offering over 130 data records and PDF documents with the new motor connection system EcoMolded. Standard types of the overmoulded plug connections for Siemens, Fanuc, SEW, Bosch Rexroth, Beckhoff, B&R, Elau and other applications are also available as catalogue products. Other new arrivals in the portal are Sigmatek with PLC components, Omron, Stego and TKD Kabel.   Product catalogues updated Manufacturers that are currently represented in the data portal, such as Phoenix Contact have extended their product portfolio. Over 20,000 new and revised data components are currently available - around 12,400 of them are macros, 600 of which are in 3D. B&R has added over 2,500 parts in the field of voltage sources, generators, PLC and plug connectors. Companies such as ABB, Weidmüller and Sick have included additional parts and Festo has also increased its range in the EPLAN Data Portal. With currently 34,000 records - of which about 20,000 are functional macros and almost 9,000 are 2D graphic macros - the company from Esslingen covers a wide spectrum of fluid power and electrical engineering parts and also components for mechanical and process engineering. By integrating all product areas of their portfolio, Festo takes on a pioneering role here. In brief: The EPLAN Data Portal is a central platform which more and more manufacturers, and a growing number of EPLAN users (currently 47,000 users), are relying on. Both sides profit from well-prepared data. The EPLAN Data Portal hence combines two worlds - component manufacturer and joint users. EPLAN Software & Service develops engineering solutions, which accelerate the product development process. Interdisciplinary expert systems assure the highest degree of productivity and data integration. The solution provider develops customer-specific and tailor-made PDM and PLM concepts and provides comprehensive services such as customizing, consulting and training. Innovative development competence, a consistently practical approach, and international presence are the resulting success factors. EPLAN is part of Rittal International and thus of the Friedhelm Loh Group with 11,500 employees worldwide and generated revenues of about 3 billion USD in 2011. EPLAN is therefore synonymous with continuity and investment security. Eight offices in North America and company presence in 50 countries support 35,000 customers with 95,000 installations worldwide.  The corporate motto - 'Efficient Engineering' - underlines the proficiency of optimized, efficient processes, which keep companies competitive in the long term.

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