Europe Launches Power-OM energy project

  • May 06, 2014
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May 6, 2014 - Due to the higher demand in increasing cost of power usage in machine tool industry, a group of industrial condition monitoring specialists, machine manufacturers and research organisations have collaborated together with the European Commission on a project aiming to develop an integrated system for health assessment and power optimisation of manufacturing machine in the machine tool sector, based on the smart analysis and cloud based fleet management. It is well known that over the time and extended production cycles, machine tools will deteriorate; and the use of applying predictive maintenance is difficult due to assess and the cost of retro fitting of the additional sensors often needed. However, the use of power monitoring and measuring the effects of machine condition on power use has not been utilised in a commercial offering.  One of the obstacles has been the need to correlate multiple data inputs from the operational and control data sources. The aim of the project Power-OM is; Use the energy consumption monitoring and profiling, in an easy to implement condition based maintenance (CbM) technique, with clouded based and local level information as a mechanism to improve the overall business effectiveness; under a triple perspective:

  1. Optimizing maintenance strategies based on the prediction of potential failures and guiding the planning of maintenance operations: to schedule maintenance operations in convenient periods and avoid unexpected equipment failures.
  2. Operation: Managing the energy as a production resource and reduce its consumption
  3.  Product reliability: Providing the machine tool builder with real data about the behaviour of the product and their critical components

The specific industrial objectives of the project are;

  • Avoid 75% of unexpected equipment failures in the case of spindles and linear guides (this can have an impact between 3-10% in production system availability depending of the production dependencies).
  • Ensure the application of the new maintenance strategy do not require extra costs.
  • Reduce energy consumption by 5%.
  • Increase the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) by 25% for spindles and linear guides.

Develop a method and data processing and analysing mechanisms for early detection of faults in a production machine using current and voltage data, to complement the power based predictions with the added value information is to be utilised on the currently available CNC and other sensors. It is an objective to set-up an e-Maintenance platform to provide openness and connectivity towards the Power-OM components installed in each machine and develop added value services on top of the e-Maintenance platform including fleet diagnostic and bench mark standards of operation. Research on indicated an increase in overall equipment/business effectiveness by 5%, reduce energy costs by 5% and improve SMEs competitiveness are the realistic impacts of the Power-OM project. The project Power-OM which is started on 1st of August 2012 is scheduled to be completed by July 2015.

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