Global Training announces Infrared thermography online training courses

  • June 13, 2014
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June 13, 2014 - Global Training Solutions Inc. of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada announces the availability of Infrared Thermography e-Learning Training Courses and Certification for Level I, II and III for Thermographers and NDT professionals Courses are divided into narrated one-hour lecture units and are designed to build upon the previous units for advanced learning.  Course content has been prepared and written by our team of Subject Matter Experts who are Level 3 Certified Infrared Thermographers, each having over 20 years of professional experience.  All courses also available as classroom training, instructor led delivery onsite at your location for a group of workplace employees. All courses are compliant with latest industry standards including ASTM; ANSI; ASTN; NETA and ISO.  Courses and Reference Manuals are constantly updated with the latest applications, practices and Standards based on research by a team of subject matter experts, graduates and other key personnel in the industry. All online courses include:

  • Printed Reference Manual
  • Multi-Question Online Quizzes for each Course Unit
  • Exception Report Generation Software - Trial Version
  • Regularly Scheduled Interactive Sessions with Level 3 Instructors
  • Hands-on Experiments Utilizing Provided Materials
  • Instructions for Self-Directed Field Assignments
  • Proof of Course Completion
  • Lifetime Certification

Certification Prep Courses Level I Infrared Thermography Level I Thermography Refresher Course Level II Infrared Thermography Level II Thermography Refresher Course Level III Infrared Thermography Level III Thermography Refresher Course Applications Courses Infrared Inspection of Electrical Systems Infrared Inspection of Mechanical Systems Infrared Inspection of Electro/Mechanical Systems Infrared Inspection of Building Envelopes & Roofs Infrared Inspection of Petrochemical Facilities Infrared Building Sciences Infrared Inspection for Weatherization Professionals Industry Specific Courses Infrared Inspections for Electric Utilities           Infrared Inspections for Home & Building Inspectors Infrared Inspections for InterNACHI Home & Building Inspectors Infrared Inspections for Integrated Pest Management Pros Infrared Inspections for Roof Consultants Infrared Inspections for Roofing Contractors Infrared Inspections for NETA Members Infrared Inspections for the Mining Industry    Camera Operation & Applications Courses Camera & Infrared Inspection of Electrical Systems Camera & Infrared Inspection of Mechanical Systems Camera & Infrared Inspection of Building and Roofs

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