Metso to upgrade its quality control systems at paper mill in Austria

  • April 09, 2014
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April 9, 2014 - Brigl & Bergmeister, a manufacturer of papers for labels and flexible packaging, will upgrade its existing Metso quality control system at its Niklasdorf mill in Austria. With its modernized quality control system the mill will be able to further enhance the quality of its labels that are found on world-renowned beverage brands. The investment will also extend the life cycle of the whole label paper production line. "Our papers wear the face of countless familiar brands. The customer's first contact with a branded product is often the label or the packaging, made of our paper. A label is much more than an information carrier; it can enhance a product's lasting success," says Michael Sablatnig, Managing Director of Brigl & Bergmeister. Automation-related technology cooperation between Brigl & Bergmeister and Metso goes back several decades and has covered several automation and quality control system generations. Metso also provides the company with a wide range of professional automation services locally. Today, the mill runs its functions on a single automation system, Metso DNA. The single system architecture saves on both costs and effort, ensuring open growth for future challenges at the same time. The modernized quality control system will be installed on the same automation platform. "We prefer to cooperate with Metso because they ensure the best compatibility between their state-of-the-art technology and our existing equipment," adds Wilhelm Fandler, Electrical Manager at Brigl & Bergmeister. Metso will modernize five Metso IQ Scanners and equip them with Metso IQ MD and CD Controls on PM 3 and the coater. The delivery will also include a Metso IQ Dilution Profiler for the PM 3 headbox. The modernized quality control system will be commissioned in April 2014. Technical information Metso IQ Scanner is a distortion-free platform for Metso IQ sensors, providing fast high-resolution sheet quality profiles from edge to edge. A solid construction plus built-in intelligence and diagnostics ensure trouble-free operation year after year. The scanner is designed to produce accurate and stable sheet quality measurements in the hot, humid and dusty environment of a paper machine. A unique stiff beam design combines a low scanner height with high mechanical stiffness. Metso IQ CD Control is a high-level intelligent application that optimizes the cross-machine performance of tissue, paper and board machines and pulp dryers, including coater and calender applications. Based on the optimization of high-resolution measurements, this unique algorithm handles all cases from a single-loop control to the most complex multi-variable control solutions to provide the best possible profile during changing process conditions. Metso IQ MD Control's model predictive control (MPC) integrates fast-responding wet end process controls and dry end feedback controls to achieve increased performance in paper quality control. Paper process variability is controlled before the wet sheet is formed, attenuating any cycling or upsets that are difficult or impossible to control using only traditional feedback controls from the dry end. The results include better runnability and quality through a more stable short circulation and uniformity of the sheet. Metso IQ Dilution Profiler is a profile control system for the advanced positioning of headbox valves. It has been especially designed to achieve the best possible weight profile that a headbox can produce. Brigl & Bergmeister GmbH is a leading producer of paper for labels and flexible packaging with mills in Niklasdorf (Austria) and Vev?e (Slovenia). It is part of ROXCEL Group, based in Vienna, Austria. Metso is a process performance provider, with customers in the mining, construction, and oil & gas industries. Our focus is on the continuous development of intelligent solutions that improve sustainability and profitability. Metso's shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. Metso employs around 16,000 professionals in 50 countries. 

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