Repete replaces old OPC server with Kepware's KEPServerEX

  • March 05, 2014
  • Kepware
  • Case Study

March 5, 2014--Repete Corporation implemented KEPServerEX to address the diverse protocol environments of its growing international customer base. Since adopting Kepware’s communications platform, the food production system integrator has been able to significantly improve interoperability and reduce production facility downtime for its customers.

Repete’s recent emphasis on international expansion required an OPC server upgrade in order to support a wider range of protocols and increase interoperability across highly diverse PLC environments. With plant downtime representing losses in excess of $200,000 per hour for its customers, it was also imperative that Repete deliver a dependable solution to keep manufacturing systems up and running without interruption.

With these requirements in mind, Repete selected KEPServerEX to replace its legacy OPC server. KEPServerEX easily manages, monitors, and controls diverse automation devices and software applications through a robust platform that supports an array of open standards, proprietary protocols, and client interfaces. Furthermore, KEPServerEX’s platform design removes the burden of learning new communications protocols and applications by allowing users to add device drivers and advanced options on demand through one user interface. Finally, thanks in large part to its integration of KEPServerEX, Repete improved its ability to limit plant downtime.

“Kepware has done a stellar job building a simple, reliable, and vendor-agnostic product with an unparalleled number of drivers designed to support basically any PLC we encounter in the global market,” said Mike Peters, Director of Operations at Repete. “We simply don’t hear about KEPServerEX from our customers, and that really says it all—it is just working.” 

For additional information about the implementation, please read the complete Repete Corporation case study here.

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