Serva Transport shows Automated Parking System at Hannover

  • February 14, 2014
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February 14, 2014 – A whole new way to park cars will be shown at the Hannover Fair from April 7th to the 11th.  serva transport systems GmbH presents their idea that revolutionized the transport of cars and parking in Hall 17, Booth F58.  The Bavarian company will be located on the “Red Carpet” which features the highlights of Industrial Automation.   In the automated parking system by serva, a patented robotic system takes over the transportation and parking of cars, making it fast, easy and safe.  This is ideal for car storage in the automobile industry and parking garages.  The three founding partners, Rupert Koch, Cary Bellaflor, and Leopold Meirer developed this very special system under the motto “We park for you!” with early investment provided by the entrepreneurial family, Meltl, from Bavaria.   The system has been ready to go since 2013.  In April 2014, the automated system will be at Düsseldorf International Airport available everyday for airport customers.  Further projects are already being planned such as an interim car storage facility for the automotive industry, a vintage car storage facility, and a facility for towed cars.   The system at the Hannover Fair will demonstrate how the automated parking works:  the driver drives his car into a transfer station and the rest of the park- process is performed by robotically.  The highly flexible automated guided vehicle (AGV) adapts automatically to the dimensions of each vehicle and brings it safely to its destination. Since the AGV’s do not require rails, they are able to take individual routes and also maneuver in tight spaces.  Car storage and parking garages can take on dynamic shapes.   serva transport systems GmbH’s technology appeals companies that want to solve logistical tasks, for example the automotive industry, while on the other hand it also appeals to those who deal with the issue of parking.  This automated parking solution thus can benefit logistics companies and auto manufacturers as well as car rental, car sharing companies and parking companies at airports or in cities.  Last but not least, serva transport systems brings great benefits for motorists who can conveniently, quickly, easily, and safely park their cars.   serva transport systems GmbH, located in the Bavarian municipality of Grabenstätt outside of Munich, sells automated parking systems with its patented robotic system.  With this innovative yet simple and efficient system, it brings to industry, airports, car park operators, car rental companies, or city planners a brand new solution for the transport and parking of vehicles.  The assembly of the Automated Guided Vehicles is at Gut Sossau in Grabenstätt where the investor, Meltl, a family owned investment firm, is based. 

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