Augmate raises $2.8 million to bring smart eyewear to industry

  • September 18, 2014
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September 18, 2014 - Augmate raised $2.8 million in seed funding. The capital will further Augmate’s mission to transform the way people work through the adoption of wearable applications in the workplace. Augmate, which currently provides enterprises with developer tools through its device-agnostic SDK and an Insights platform for data visualization, is also introducing today its pilot enterprise consulting arm: InnoVision. This initiative sets forth a strategic path for businesses to evaluate, validate, pilot, and scale wearable technology in real-world environments. “Industries including manufacturing, warehousing and logistics remain bogged down by legacy systems and bulky hand-held devices,” says Drew Austin, co-founder and COO of Augmate. “We’re here to help them realize the inherent benefits of wearable technology by providing enterprise applications designed for smart eyewear, powered by the intelligence of sensors within the workplace environment. Our new InnoVision consulting service facilitates the evolution of smarter enterprises for our partners and the businesses we serve.”

“Augmate shares our vision of how technology and wearables can transform the workplace,” says Tim Draper, Founding Partner of Draper Associates and DFJ Ventures. “Their new InnoVision consulting arm will accelerate the use of smart eyewear in enterprise environments, increasing access to businesses who stand to benefit enormously from empowering their workers with tools for better decision making.”

For the increasingly mobile enterprise, smart eyewear technology and hands-free access to information is the next frontier. The advancement, growth, and adoption of smart phones, tablets, and wearable devices has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate, directly contributing to increased productivity and operational efficiency for industries. Augmate is poised to help shape a “Fourth Industrial Revolution” as it bridges the gap between business information systems, machine-to-machine communication, and smart eyewear devices such as Google Glass, Vuzix M100, Epson Moverio, and Kopin Golden-i to streamline supply chain and production processes in an unprecedented way. “The convergence of online and in-store technology is transforming the retail industry, and represents a tremendous opportunity for innovation,” says J. Skyler Fernandes, Managing Director of Simon Venture Group. “Augmate is uniquely positioned to help bring smart glass technology to multiple industries through education and augmented reality applications specific to business needs. We are delighted to join them on this journey and can’t wait to see them innovate across retail, from warehouses to storefronts.” Augmate is headquartered at Grand Central Tech in New York City and the company is actively hiring for multiple positions. About Augmate Augmate is a wearable technology company that specializes in the strategy, development, and deployment of enterprise applications for smart eyewear. In addition to the company’s proprietary device agnostic SDK for developers and Insights platform for enterprises, Augmate is also offering businesses a way to evaluate, validate, pilot, and scale wearable technology in real-world environments through its consulting arm, Innovision. Founded in 2013 with a mission to accelerate the development of wearable applications, Augmate works with its partners to bridge the gap between business information systems, sensors in the workplace environment, and wearable devices to capture new insights, implement advanced applications, and identify opportunities for the evolution of the supply chain.

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