AvaLAN Supports the New FCC Ruling for Additional Outdoor Channels

  • October 29, 2014
  • AvaLAN Wireless Systems, Inc.
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The FCC recently approved the use of high power transmitters at 5.15-5.25GHz. The AvaLAN 5Ghz product family now has twice as many channels resulting in twice the amount of data capacity. This is important when scaling larger deployments and allows smaller sites to minimize interference with more channels to select between. Brook Svoboda, VP of Sales, says "This is a game changer for the industry."

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released the FCC14-30 announcement on April 1, 2014 to announce the new 5.2 GHz rule. The announcement states that, “To meet continuing demand, in this first rule and order we are taking a number of actions to increase the utility of the 555 megahertz of the 5 GHz band already available for U-NII operations, while protecting incumbent users from harmful interference.“ This new rule changes the 5.150 GHz – 5.250 GHz band to be available for outdoor use, the transmission power level is increased to 1W and the EIRP is increased.

AvaLAN Wireless has responded to this announcement with supporting firmware to utilize these FCC changes and provide our customers with more spectral available. AvaLAN recently re-launched their new and improved 5.8 GHz long range wireless Ethernet solutions and these FCC changes will just improve the ability of these Ethernet radios. The AvaLAN 5.8 GHz Ethernet product line have 1 Watt transmit power, include built in lightning arrestors, a pressure release valve and include LEDs to show signal quality, Ethernet link, network activity and power. This robust and reliable product is now compliant with the new FCC improvements.

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