CONTA-CLIP announces app for GSM-PRO modules

  • November 11, 2014
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November 11, 2014 - The multifunctional I/O modules from CONTA-CLIP´s GSM-PRO series can be comfortably monitored and controlled using a portal software for PCs or a smartphone app. The modules send text messages or emails to signal input statuses. The outputs can be switched via text message or call. This makes the devices an ideal solution for remote control and remote maintenance of large plants. In addition to that, they are also suitable for mobile applications and special vehicles since they have a wide supply voltage range from 10 to 30 V DC. In applications with multiple I/O devices, the portal software for Windows-based computers (XP, Vista, or Windows 7) enables a quick overview over the statuses of all I/Os - programming knowledge is not required.Figure 1: The portal software for GSM-PRO provides a quick overview of all I/Os statuses As soon as the program is started, the modules sign on immediately. The portal then displays an alphabetic list of the GSM-PRO units and the current statuses of their inputs and outputs. Status changes are highlighted in yellow, ensuring good orientation even with large numbers of active modules. The module outputs can also be controlled via the software. An easy-to-export events log records all operations of the modules and their I/Os. Communication is based on port forwarding - the necessary IP addresses and ports are stored in the software and in the GSM-PRO modules. Installed modules can be later added to the portal through OTA parameterization. The GSM-PRO app enables remote control of the modules from iPhones and Android smartphones. Heaters, motors, or water pumps, for instance, can thus be controlled comfortably and intuitively. The app is available free of charge in the App Store and at Google Play. CONTA-CLIP is one of Europe´s leading manufacturers of electric terminal blocks. Based in Hövelhof, Germany, the medium-sized, family-run company has been producing electric and electronic connection systems for the process and automation industries for more than 30 years. CONTA-CLIP supplies all industry sectors, focusing on railroad industries, shipbuilding, building automation, conveyor technology, machine and plant engineering and construction, instrumentation and control technology, control panel manufacturing, transformer manufacturing, and environmental technology. The company consists of three specialized branches: CONTA-CONNECT for electric connection technology, CONTA-ELECTRONICS for electronics and CONTA-CON for PCB edge connectors. Additionally, CONTA-CLIP provides services such as customizing housings and mounting rails, labeling and supplying user-specific electronic components.

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