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  • October 07, 2014
  • PCE Instruments
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PCE Instruments offers digital display recorders that draw physical parameters in industrial processes or laboratory applications over a longer period. The advantage of a digital recorder is especially the higher flexibility. More input channels, a simplified archiving and digital scaling of current and voltage signals are just a few advantages. There is for example our PCE-P30U display recorder which offers a lot of advantages in certain processes for you, especially because of its included memory function (internal and for SD cards), that makes it useful for data logging tasks. If you are interested in this display recorder you can get detailed information about it or buy it on our homepage of PCE Instruments. The advantage of the display recorders we offer in our shop is that they are often constructed modular. This means that at several slots various cards can be used. These provide then various combinations of inputs and outputs or digital interfaces. These functions make it possible to create an application-specific display recorder for various functions. The handling of a display recorder occurs either by pressing the buttons on the front side or via the integrated touchscreen. As a storing medium for storing the data you can insert e.g. USB sticks or CF-cards. But via digital interfaces the data can also be loaded directly into the PC. If you have any further questions please contact us.

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