Formulation and Mixing with Flexibility and Precision

  • November 12, 2014
  • Mettler Toledo
  • Case Study

November 12, 2014 - UK-based Matcon’s mission is simple: To provide high-quality solutions to eliminate its customers’ toughest and most costly problems in raw materials handling, recipe formulation, mixing, blending and packing. Thanks to a precise weighing system, its batch-formulation solutions mix traceable batches from a few kilograms up to 700 kilograms without any risk of cross-contamination. Matcon’s equipment allows its customers to formulate, blend and pack dry ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry, especially dry active pharmaceutical ingredients, flavorings, additives and binders. These products require small concentrated amounts of ingredients to be mixed together precisely. The manufacturing process for the mixing of ingredients must prevent cross contamination, offer batch tracking, and traceability as well as provide production flexibility. Verified Accuracy for Every Dose Matcon supplies a recipe-formulation system that provides automatic dosing for micro, minor and major ingredients. Matcon’s Flexi-Batch® Formulation System typically formulates up to 5 batches per hour but can achieve up to 15 batches per hour when a different configuration is selected. The precise dosing of ingredients is very well achieved with the high precision platforms supplied by METTLER TOLEDO. The range of automatic dosing is varies from just a few kilograms up to 700 kilograms. The use of highly accurate and versatile scale means that only one weighing system has to be installed at batching station, taking the place of multiple scales required to handle the diverse weight additions. “High-precision scales from METTLER TOLEDO are the perfect solution for precise hygienic batching without the risk for error,” says Hans Petterson, group sales director for Matcon. “The METTLER TOLEDO weighing system verifies that the dosing process is done correctly and at the same time provides a record of additions in every batch. Before applying this system, Patterson says there were more opportunities for errors in processes that were automated. Before our customers would have hand-fed the ingredients with a lot of different bags," he says. That exposed the process to many potentially devastating errors. Flexibility and Global Service METTLER TOLEDO's global service availability is a draw for companies like Matcon. If a system fails, the cost can be enormous. We need them back in operation within minutes or hours, says Petterson. “We trust that wherever in the world we supply our products, there is always local support available for the weighing equipment.” For Matcon, the system’s flexibility is a major benefit. “It offers versatility as a very wide weight range can be accurately dosed with the same system. It is very flexible, it allows the weighing system to moves with the dosing device,” says Pettersson.

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