Intelitek updates easyC robot programming for kids

  • December 30, 2014
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December 30, 2014 – Intelitek released easyC version 5, compatible with the VEX IQ controller.  Students, teachers and competitive teams have experienced rapid success with easyC on the VEX EDR platform – now that same success is opened up for classrooms and teams using the VEX IQ platform at the elementary and middle school level. With shared licensing for both VEX IQ and Cortex controller, more advanced users keep access to features such as the full text editor and Integrated Motor Encoder support.

easyC’s intuitive drag and drop interface, straightforward wizard-like programming menus, uncomplicated function blocks, innate visual configuration and quick-start tutorials make programming easy and fun to learn. Teachers of all backgrounds and experience levels trust the well-supported easyC platform with Intelitek’s customer service, integrated Exploring Robotics curriculum and VEX IQ hardware packages.

This update also features one license for both the VEX IQ and the VEX Cortex controller as well as the option for annual or perpetual licensing. This ensures VEX Cortex and IQ users, whether in competition or classroom environments, will have greater flexibility managing licenses across school years, classrooms and teams.

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