LMI updates free Gocator Firmware for part scanning

  • September 05, 2014
  • LMI Technologies
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September 5, 2014 – LMI Technologies announced Gocator 4.0 Firmware. The firmware supports the Gocator 3D Smart Sensor product line including displacement, profile, and snapshot sensors. The Gocator 4.0 firmware is a complete redesign of the web browser user interface experience that improves the efficiency of the inspection process. Major developments to Gocator 4.0 Firmware release includes: Gocator 4.0 Firmware has a built-in capability to remove noise around the perimeter and interior of scanned surfaces or parts. Noise filtering increases repeatability and accuracy of 3D measurements by allowing the measurement regions to be placed with precision without any noise interference. With flexible anchoring, measurement results can be used as anchoring sources for other measurements. This feature supports multiple anchoring sources within the same setup. Measurement tools can now be used to solve complex applications with part position and size variations, giving users the flexibility in setting up measurement tools. The firmware now supports a number of methods to create a surface or a 3D point cloud. This provides greater control and flexibility for supporting common industry scanning methods such as conveyor, web, robotic, and rotational scanning setup. The SDK is updated to provide cleaner API along with built-in support for multi-sensor systems. Simplified programming for multi-sensor systems greatly reduces software development time. The Gocator Ethernet (TCP/IP) protocol reduces overhead and makes data parsing much easier. Reduced network bandwidth and data processing requirements allow applications to run faster on the same hardware.

Gocator 4.0 Firmware is available as a free download. The firmware files, release notes, SDK files, and user manual can be downloaded  

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