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  • November 24, 2014
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November 24, 2014 - Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) International announces the addition of seven new Board Members to it's leadership roster.        The 22-year-old association is seeing an uptick in participation from professionals and corporations who understand the role and value of Information Technologies (IT) in manufacturing. MESA believes the boost in participation, membership numbers, and sponsorship is happening because the business value of such solutions is becoming much more widely recognized across industry. Industry leaders, like MESA's Board members, are stepping up to help drive these conversations and the education curriculum all around the world. Mike Yost, president, MESA International comments, "MESA is the place where Manufacturing meets IT. We've been demystifying technology and buzzwords for two decades, but now, with IT-based solutions quickly impacting every area of manufacturing, clarity is more important than ever.  We're delighted to have these eight individuals step up to help drive that clarity. international hub where the Manufacturing Enterprise meets IT. We've been facilitating conversations about big data and other buzzwords for a few decades, but now, with IT-based solutions quickly impacting every area of manufacturing, there is a real need for focused dialogue on what matters most. We're delighted to have these seven individuals step up to help steer the conversation."   These seven individuals were recently elected by MESA's members:      INTERNATIONAL BOARD:

  • Gordon Benzie, Brand Marketing Director DELMIA, Dassault Systémes
  • Eric Weisbrod, Senior Technical Service Manager, InfinityQS
  • Tom Muth, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Epicor Software


  • Bradley Rowen, Director, Plant Systems-Controls Advisor, MOM/MES, Cargill
  • Vanessa Stirling, Director of Marketing, InfinityQS
  • Tom Muth, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Epicor Software


  • Michel Peters, Lead Solution Analyst- Manufacturing & Plant Integration, Cargill
  • Martyn Gill, General Manager, InfinityQS

About MESA International MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) International is a global, not-for-profit community of manufacturers, producers, industry thought leaders and industry leaders who are focused on improving Operations Management capabilities through the effective application of Information Technologies, IT-based solutions and best practices. To Accomplish this, we:

  • Enable members to connect, contribute, cultivate understanding, and exchange strategies to drive operations excellence.
  • Collect, share, and publish best practices and guidance to drive greater productivity and the overall profitability of the manufacturing enterprise.
  • Educate the marketplace on manufacturing operations best practices through the MESA Global Education Program.
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