ODVA releases updated EtherNet/IP spec for Power Management

  • November 25, 2014
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November 25, 2014 — ODVA announced that the November 2014 edition of The EtherNet/IP Specification provides the framework for users to design energy-conserving functionality into their products for when equipment is in production mode.   The update is the latest product of ODVA’s Optimization of Energy Usage (OEU) initiative addressing energy as a managed resource. With this latest enhancement, ODVA builds on its comprehensive suite of technology for energy monitoring and management for end users and OEMs. ODVA's large community of device vendors provides industry with a converged approach to communication and information technologies that is scalable and not dependent on customized and proprietary solutions. Earlier phases of work for the OEU resulted in (1) standard tools and energy reporting methods for EtherNet/IP to aid in energy assessment and energy monitoring, and (2) standard network services for commanding non-operational automation equipment to conservation states. The industrial sector alone consumes about half of the world’s total delivered energy, making it the largest end-use sector. “By 2035, global industrial energy consumption is projected to increase by 40 percent from pre-recession levels, much of it from emerging economies,” said Katherine Voss, president and executive director, ODVA. “Implementing strategies for energy conservation by the industrial sector will be crucial to meeting ambitious sustainability objectives for all.” In addition to energy, EtherNet/IP supports the broadest range of industrial automation solutions across control, safety, information, network management, motion and synchronization. ODVA updates its network specifications biannually to enable end-users and OEMs to meet the ongoing expansion of industrial automation applications using the family of CIP Networks – the EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CompoNet and ControlNet technologies. For the latest editions of the specifications, visit The CIP Networks Library. About ODVA Founded in 1995, ODVA is a global association whose members are comprised of the world’s leading automation companies. ODVA’s mission is to advance open, interoperable information and communication technologies in industrial automation. ODVA recognizes its media independent network protocol, the Common Industrial Protocol or “CIP” – and the network adaptations of CIP – EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CompoNet and ControlNet – as its core technology and the primary common interest of its membership. For future interoperability of production systems and the integration of the production systems with other systems, ODVA embraces the adoption of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and standard, unmodified Internet and Ethernet technologies as a guiding principle wherever possible. This principle is exemplified by EtherNet/IP – the world’s number one industrial Ethernet network.

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