Servo2Go carries 14 more Servo Drives from Advanced Motion Controls

  • August 26, 2014
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August 26, 2014 - Servo2Go carries 14 more drives from Advanced Motion Controls, including 60Amp and 100Amp servo drives in the DigiFlex Performance family.   These panel mount drives take up to 240VAC 3 phase or 373VDC input power with a variety of feedback options including Incremental Encoder, Resolver, Absolute and Universal.   All DigiFlex digital servo drives can operate brushed and brushless servomotors, and voice coils. All models utilize digital current and vector control algorithms in order to obtain optimal performance. The digital and analog inputs and outputs are fully programmable. A Windows© based configuration and setup software allows the user to intuitively and quickly set up the drive for proper operation with any motor. CANopen, EtherCAT and RS232/485 models are available.

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