Vision Components offers free VCLIB image processing library

  • August 26, 2014
  • Vision Components
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August 26, 2014 - Vision Components offers free VCLIB image processing library.  Comprising software expertise gathered in more than 20 years in the image processing field, VCLIB offers a unique combination of algorithms refined and optimized for VC’s embedded systems. It has proven itself in more than 100,000 installations in the industry.

Users can now employ more than 300 VCLIB functions free of charge – without any additional costs for runtime licenses or other fees. The extensive software library contains all standard image processing algorithms as well as ready-to-use algorithms for a number of inspection tasks and provides users with the option of in-house programming.

The new VCLIB version now also includes the revised VC Barcode Reader tool that reliably identifies barcodes. It also includes new functions, such as omnidirectional barcode recognition, and supports all standard code types. Moreover, its existing algorithms were optimized for speed, resulting in improved reading rates up to 100 readings per second.

Additional new VCLIB features include several new functions that enable correlation with sub-pixel accuracy e.g. for the inspection of printed materials, filter functions, edge detection functions, geometric transformation functions, and a debug function. The latter provides a user-friendly display of images from various process stages during development.

Moreover, with this VCLIB update, color conversion from the Bayer pattern can take place by hardware and is thus rendered much faster. A new rectangle finder function based on the Hough transformation allows users to quickly identify shapes such as car license plates. On top of that, VCLIB now also provides new functions for contour detection and sub-pixel accurate edge detection. Company Background Founded in 1996 by Michael Engel, inventor of the first intelligent camera for industrial applications, Vision Components GmbH is a leading supplier in the field of machine vision. Branches and distributors represent the Ettlingen-based company worldwide in more than 25 countries. Vision Components develops and distributes intelligent, network-compatible real-time Smart Cameras which are able to operate without a PC. These embedded vision solutions can be easily integrated into almost any machine or plant. The product portfolio includes Smart Cameras with or without a protective housing, single board cameras, and vision sensors. Vision Components also develops custom-tailored machine vision solutions for a wide range of applications. Amongst others, typical applications include quality inspection and automation. Equipped with the proprietary multitasking VCRT operating system, VC Smart Cameras can be easily configured for all possible tasks. Furthermore, VC provides free software libraries for many applications including license plate recognition, motion capture, decoding, measurement, and positioning.

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