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  • January 27, 2015
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January 27, 2015 - The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) announced that  TV legend John Ratzenberger joined AME in shining a light on the important role domestic manufacturing plays in our surging economy. Ratzenberger attended AME’s recent conference in Jacksonville, where he announced he would serve as honorary chair of AME’s 2015 conference in Cincinnati.

“Now’s the time for Americans to rally around the core of our economy: manufacturing. We’re pleased to have the support of prominent voices in our community as we continue to champion what sets our country apart and will be the key to remaining strong in an increasingly competitive global marketplace, as the need for skilled labor swells to unprecedented levels,” said Barbara Morrison, AME president.

Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring Initiative, has long been an advocate for AME’s work in supporting North American manufacturers. Moser began the Reshoring Initiative in 2010 to bring secure, well-paying manufacturing jobs back to the United States. 

“The Seven Toyota Wastes are all made worse by offshoring,” said Moser. “Broad application of continuous improvement further improves the domestic lean advantage. To achieve timely and effective improvement, we need the larger, better-trained, skilled workforce that John has pursued and supported for decades,” he added.

Ratzenberger, an actor renowned for his role as Cliff Clavin in “Cheers,” is a strong proponent for American manufacturing. His Travel Channel show, “John Ratzenberger’s Made in America,” highlighted domestically made products. In addition to signing on as AME’s keynote speaker and honorary chair for the AME 2015 International Conference in Cincinnati Oct. 19-23, Ratzenberger recorded a message for AME members recently about the importance of lean practices.

As Ratzenberger said in his video, “When you increase your knowledge, great things get done.”

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