End of Arm Tooling - Three dimensions of flexibility

  • March 14, 2015
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Launching the new gripping system PreciGrip is another milestone in AGS Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH’s history. This product line is based on the technical aim to provide our customers with a system that is even more functional and can be assembled more precisely than the components from our established classic AGS end of arm tool assembly kit. With its multiple advantages for users, the AGS PreciGrip system is becoming more and more established in the market.

“The idea is to create user-friendly solutions in both conception and production of automation systems,” says Marc Schwope, CEO at AGS. Easily handled, the clamping system allows adjustments from any position. As the system manages without any t-slot nuts, it provides the user with significantly more liberties in terms of assembly. Furthermore, it is considerably faster and more user-friendly when creating an automation solution from the ground up. Considerations include the possibility to make construction changes in the second or third dimension with just one touch. Marc Schwope explains the innovation: “In future, vertical or horizontal dimensional changes will be achieved simply by loosening, then securing just one screw.”

The development of end of arm tool systems in automation technology is closely connected with the name Schwope. With a wealth of experience spanning several decades, the family are among the branch’s pioneers. Since 2010, AGS Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH has been based in Bergisch Gladbach, employing a staff of 25. An area of 1,200 sqm serves to produce—among other things—complete end of arm tool systems for the polymer processing industry, specifically designed and made for our customers. The AGS end of arm tool assembly kit continues to be among the best-known products in the market and constitutes AGS’s most important line of business. Currently comprised of about 1,350 different components, the user-friendly system provides the client with a great variety of automation solutions. Different frame sizes may be used. The high delivery power comes with further customer benefits. Our many standard products are delivered ex warehouse. The products are used as compatible components for the interlocking t-slot nut clamping profiles. In recent years, automation specialist AGS has reacted to the market’s needs by further expanding its portfolio. In end of arm tool production, a variety of materials and production methods are employed. “For instance, if particularly sensitive or filigree products have to be taken out of or supplied to the process, we create customer-specific end of arm tool solutions with the aid of laser sintering technology.” This way, complete automation systems with multi-axle buckling arm robots are made in the Bergisches Land. “In order to facilitate an easy start into this costly technology, we are happy to integrate used buckling arm robots from well-known manufacturers if our customers desire—this dramatically lowers the investment costs,” Marc Schwope points out, highlighting a special AGS service.

A portfolio overview:

- AGS end of arm tool assembly kit - PreciGrip assembly kit - Complete end of arm tool systems - Standard automation solutions - Automation system equipment

AGS service offers:

- Trainings - Workshops - On-site end of arm tool assembly - High component availability ex warehouse

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