Global Training Offers Online Cybersecurity Courses

  • January 05, 2015
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January 5, 2015 - Global Training Solutions offers fully interactive, role-based NERC CIP V5 Online Training Courses. 

CIP V5 Courses Include:

  • Base Training – Cyber Security
  • Information Handling
  • Electronic Access Controls
  • Physical Access Controls (Includes Visitor Management)
  • Cyber Security Incidents, Response and Recovery

All programs can be customized to include an organization’s specific policies, processes and procedures, videos and links to internal and external documents.

All courses can dynamically deliver training content based on an individual’s role, group or location. Courses can be delivered to address multiple processes for each CIP requirements at multiple sites.  In addition, all courses will allow clients to tag their content pages based on whether the student needs to review the content according to their specific role requirements.

Courses can be hosted on our robust behavioral Learning Management System (LiMS) to manage a course curriculum or on their corporate LMS. Our LiMS features allow Assign, Manage, Track and Report course completions with time-stamped confidence. Administrators, Trainers and Managers can send out individual or group email reminders to employees on training. Training results can be easily exported to an Excel Spreadsheet.

These courses will additionally capture ALL student interactions with each course and provide a full analysis of the training experience of each student and the implied efficacy of the course in increasing the level of understanding and awareness of the course topics. Companies will have the ability to review individual performances and to identify the challenges and successes of students and courses. This will assist companies to identify which concepts may need to be addressed further and whether they may need to enhance their own content within the course.  These metrics can provide real business intelligence to an organization to help them address cultural or compliance behaviors.

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