Optimization Of Your Air Compressor And How It Helps

  • February 19, 2015
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By Dana Smith, Compressor World

Here is what you should do if you deal in air compressors or run a plant that uses a number of different kinds of air compressors.

Statistics has it that compressed air accounts for at least 70% of a manufacturing plant’s total energy cost. This implies that there is a tremendous potential for savings when it comes to use of air compressors in the industry.

The key here is to keep an eye on every type of air compressor, how it can be used as well as the energy that it consumes. Apart from checking the efficiency that the compressor gives, is there something more that can be done? Well, yes.

An optimization specialist will tell you that there is a lot to be done for extracting maximum use out of the compressor and utilizing full capacity of the machine.

The six main steps to optimizing the machine include: 1. Visually inspecting the air compressor and identifying the areas of optimization.

2. Assessing different parts of the compressor and identifying their future efficiency.

3. Deciding the recommendations range including simple leak repairs to elaborate equipment upgrades.

4. Implementing the upgrades and recommendations given by the auditor.

5. Tracking the improvements post implementation of the recommendations.

6. Assessment over a long period of time through further audits.

One of the main benefits of compressed air system optimization is that it helps maintain profitability of the system by reducing the cost that one spends on operating it as well as on the maintenance.

Optimization also reduces the energy cost, CO2 emissions and ensures noise-free functioning of the compressor. Air compressors have a number of advantages and they are used in huge numbers in different industries. Even homes and small plants make use of air compressors for varied reasons. By optimizing your air compressor you are making sure that it does not stop giving desired results before its life-span. Whether you have a centrifugal air compressor, a piston-based one or a rotary compressor, you need to get it optimized today. Always ask yourself have you done your best to ensure the efficiency of the compressor?

It is the amount of care and effort you put in that will decide your expenditure and savings on machines and equipment.

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