AbraxSys Upgrades its Sunlight Readable 15”, 17”, and 19” Products with Extremely Wide Operational Temperature Range Capabilities and Brighter, Clearer Images

  • November 02, 2015
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The AbraxSys 15”, 17” and 19” sunlight readable SRD displays have been newly modified with ultra wide extended clearing temperature range panels, high nit levels and wide contrast ratios. These new advancements will better meet the operating temperature, image quality and luminance requirements of AbraxSys industrial customers.
Special heat management ensures displays have industrial-environment-compatibility to achieve tolerance for the operating temperatures required in many industrial applications, AbraxSys uses very wide clearing temperature true industrial grade LCD TFT and as well has designed the housing of the new LCDs specifically for LED background lighting and equipped them with dedicated heat management: heat conductors transport the waste heat of the LEDs and their drivers to the rear outer side of the panel where it can be easily given off into the environment.  The new LED backlight versions of the proven industrial-grade LCDs therefore fulfill industry specifications with an extended operating temperature range of -30°C to 75°C and a service life of up to 100,000 hours.  
Extreme temperatures can cause a number for problems for LCD displays. An inexpensive computer monitor, the kind you buy at your local big box store or from a commodity supplier in Asia, may have an operating temperature range of 0° C to 32 or 40° C. That's fine for most office uses but is inadequate for many harsh environment applications such as outdoors in direct sun.  Many real world applications have special demands when it comes to thermal capabilities, such as -30°C to 75°C. Industrial, non-automotive transportation and military sectors, among others, often require LCD displays that can operate in such extreme temperature environments.
The LED backlit displays from AbraxSys are an advanced engineered combination of the high stability required for industrial applications and the benefits of an LED backlight.  These include, among others, the prompt response and long-life characteristics of the LEDs particularly at low temperatures and excellent dimming capability over the entire brightness range of the LEDs.  Another important advantage of the LED backlight is the low-volt operating voltage. This means that the high-voltage inverter required for CCFL lamps is no longer necessary.   Amongst other things, the high image quality of these newly designed display are due to the extremely uniform illumination of the display by the very bright LED backlights.
The specific  upgrades by model size are as follows:
15” Models Impacted:   SRD-VM-150, SRD-FVM-150, SRD-PM-150, SRD-PS-150, SRD-RM-150
New Specifications Include:  
*  1100 nits (option for 1600 nits available)
*  In-Plane-Switching LCD (IPS)
*  1500:1 Ultra-Wide Contrast
*  Operational Temperature Range:  -25° to 70°C (-13°F to 158°F)
17” Models Impacted:  SRD-VM-170, SRD-PM-170, SRD-PS-170, SRD-RM-170
New Specifications Include:  
*  1600 nits  
*  1000:1 Ultra-Wide Contrast
*  Operational Temperature Range:  -30° to 75°C (-22°F to 167°F)
19” Models Impacted:  SRD-VM-190, SRD-PM-190, SRD-PS-190, SRD-RM-190
New Specifications Include:  
*  1100 nits (option for 1500 nits available)
*  1000:1 Ultra-Wide Contrast
*  Operational Temperature Range:  -30° to 75°C (-22°F to 167°F)
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