Aqsens uses Tecan M1000 PRO reader in portable oil testing platform

  • May 22, 2015
  • Case Study

May 22, 2015 - Tecan’s Infinite M1000 PRO multimode reader helped liquid analysis specialist Aqsens develop a portable testing platform for on-site quantitative monitoring of polymeric scale inhibitors in oil field-produced waters.

Joonas Siivonen, Application Scientist at Aqsens, explained: “Polymeric scale inhibitors are used to prevent scale build-up during oil production, and the residual levels in the oil field-produced waters must be monitored to ensure treaent is effective and the oil platform can be operated safely. Using a patented detection technology combining time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) with chemical modulators, we have developed a portable system – the Aqsens QS platform – to offer a fast, accurate means of monitoring residual scale inhibitors on site.”

“The Infinite M1000 PRO proved ideal for developing both the assay chemistry and a TRF reader for use in the field. It enabled us to determine the optimum wavelength and measurement settings for our chemistries, to establish manufacturing specifications for our reader, and to validate the assay protocols. It is more sensitive for our applications than most filter-based instruments, and also gives us additional flexibility. The ability to control the gain setting is a really big bonus, allowing us to adjust the instrument’s sensitivity and detect TRF signals at a much lower level than was previously possible.” 

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