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  • April 22, 2015
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April 22, 2015 – Novotech will use B+B SmartWorx’s wireless connectivity technologies to simplify the deployment of industrial wireless M2M/IoT solutions involving legacy equipment for customers in the United States and Canada. Those technologies include B+B’s Wzzard Intelligent Sensing Platform for creating wireless sensor networks (WSNs), and B+B’s Spectre edge gateways that provide cellular wireless connectivity.

Wzzard, a wireless sensor connectivity platform, was designed to help integrators, VARs and VADs develop and deploy secure, smart, self-powered, and scalable IoT applications. It bridges the gap between IT and the OT (operational technology) deployed in demanding environments. Wzzard helps to create “overlay networks” which can gather data from existing OT equipment, translate the disparate machine protocols into a language IT can understand, transform that data into useful information and deliver it up to the application layer – all without disrupting already established programming, processes and people.

“The industrial IoT (IIoT) is complex, and needs experts like the team at Novotech who understand both IT and OT and can provide the design and engineering expertise to create applications that bridge the gap between them,” said Jerry O’Gorman, CEO for B+B SmartWorx. “Novotech’s strong relationships with North American carriers is also an asset in developing wireless M2M/IoT solutions for customers.”

“B+B’s robust Wzzard platform allows us to wirelessly add user sensors into an IoT architecture, and simplify the IIoT connectivity stack between field devices being measured up to the application level,” said Richard Hobbs, president of Novotech. “Additionally, delivering useful data ready for enterprise analytics provides actionable intelligence that companies can use to reduce costs, optimize fleets/workforces and improve productivity.”

The Wzzard platform’s technologies, protocols and hardware work together to reduce the expertise and time it takes to develop scalable IoT connectivity solutions. They include:

  • Wzzard Intelligent Edge Nodes which connect to industry-standard sensors
  • Smaresh IP wireless sensing technology which enables auto-forming, self-healing, self-sustaining mesh networks that are also highly scalable
  • MQTT – a simple messaging transport protocol for M2M/IoT applications over wireless networks
  • B+B’s Spectre cellular edge gateways, which connect equipment and devices to the Internet or Intranet over either wired Ethernet or wireless cellular connections

About Novotech Technologies:

Through strategic partnerships with many of the world’s most innovative machine-to-machine (M2M) manufacturers, Novotech Technologies is a leading value-added distributor of M2M products, services and solutions. To produce tangible outcomes that include reduced costs, optimized fleets/workforces, improved productivity and enhanced customer service, Novotech’s comprehensive portfolio of M2M solutions – cellular, GPS and satellite – enable immediate communication, tracking and reporting in a wide range of applications. Established in 2001, Novotech is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, with offices throughout Canada and the United States. 

About B+B SmartWorx:

Founded in 1981, B+B SmartWorx, formerly B&B Electronics, provides intelligent M2M and IoT connectivity solutions for wireless and wired networks.   The company designs and builds device connectivity and network infrastructure products that deliver intelligent connectivity at the “edge” of networks in remote and demanding environments.  Working globally with experienced channel and application partners to deliver complete application solutions, the company is known for building rugged networking products that are easy to deploy and manage.  All products are manufactured in the US and European Union with local field applications engineers available worldwide for localized technical support.

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