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  • July 10, 2015
  • LeddarTech
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By Thomas R. Cutler

The sensor revolution is already underway. Each year, billions of sensors are being deployed in all types of devices and applications, enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Everything (IoE). Many of those sensors stay interconnected through machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Already growing at 200% CAGR over the last few years, the sensor market is expected to reach a trillion dollars in 2020.

Smart sensors have the potential to significantly help societies resolve many of today’s global challenges foreseen in areas such as environment, energy, food production, or healthcare. It is also recognized that, in order to contribute to such global challenges in a timely manner, major leaps and bounds need to be accomplished in the development of ultra-efficient sensors in characteristics such as size, cost, power consumption, data bandwidth, and reliability.

LeddarTech is a company that provides core technology to make highly efficient detection and ranging sensing possible, enabling deployment of profitable high-volume applications such as the ones foreseen in IoT and IoE. 

The massive-scale deployment of sensors, already underway or envisioned in a variety of new sectors, represents a highly disruptive technological shift with the potential to significantly reshape the environment and transform many aspects of daily lives. 

LeddarTech’s mission to become a key technological enabler in this smart sensor revolution, by providing the root core technology that makes it possible to develop a completely new generation of ultra-efficient sensors that meet the characteristics required in the deployment of very-high-volume sensing applications is well underway.

With the power to improve the performance of any optical-based sensor, LeddarCore technology constitutes a true game-changer.   Based on almost a decade of research, the company’s patented solution breaks the mold for what is possible in detection and ranging applications.

The unique algorithms enable the development of highly efficient sensors that have the ability to detect very low signal levels and run on ultra-low power levels, yet delivering reliable performance at a lower overall cost than currently available alternatives. 

Despite a wide-variety of sensors in the market, only the LeddarCore is a light-based sensor technology with the capability to read all channels (elements) of the returned signal at once, processing all channels simultaneously. Thanks to its ability to capture, amplify, and process the backscattered signals more efficiently, this novel approach sets the standard for a new generation of light-based detection and ranging applications.

By building new smart sensing applications that leverage the technology, forward-thinking innovators significantly reduce development cycles and bring solutions to market faster.

Just the Beginning

At LeddarTech innovators are joining forces with forward-looking people and organizations willing to share their vision and combine capabilities, working together with the common goal of making the sensor revolution a reality.  Today is just the beginning. This passionate group of leaders, live and breathe the development of a better, smarter sensing technology, and making it easily available to the widest range of developers. The company management is hard at work enabling even higher-resolution, more integrated solutions.  From maker communities experimenting with off-the-shelf sensor modules, to specialized players building new applications for specific industries, to large consortiums looking to use the LeddarCore technology to make a smarter world a reality, with a smarter sensing solution.

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