Diakont Now Delivering a New Product Line of Advanced Roller Screw Actuators

  • July 01, 2015
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San Diego, CA – Diakont, a leading high-tech company that provides industrial motion control solutions to the energy industries, introduced the DA Series product line of electric roller screw actuators for applications requiring high performance and reliability. The new DA Series actuator product line leverages technology originally developed by Diakont for steam turbine valve control actuators that are utilized by nuclear power plants worldwide.

Diakont’s DA Series actuators feature a precision-machined roller screw integrated with a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) to provide exceptional power, accuracy, and reliability in a compact space envelope. Known for long life, rugged construction, and minimal maintenance, roller screw actuator designs are ideal for demanding applications such as heavy presses, bending machines, injection molding, positioning systems, robotic weld guns, factory automation and discrete manufacturing applications. Diakont’s DA Series actuators are also equipped with lubrication ports (patent pending) that facilitate scheduled maintenance without requiring disassembly, recalibration, or removal from machinery. Performing maintenance with the actuator on the machine reduces downtime and improves output.

“The new EMA product line is based on high precision roller screw designs which provide higher durability and less maintenance than pneumatic and ball screw designs,” said Daniel Stankovich, EMA Product Manager of Diakont. “Diakont is utilizing its expertise from years of industrial actuator development to provide a reliable high quality, commercially available product for manufacturing and automation industries.”

Key Features:

  • Continuous force lbf (N): up to 2,225 (9,900)
  • Lead accuracy in/ft (mm/300mm): 0.008 (0.02)
  • Speed in/sec (mm/sec): up to 39.4 (1000)
  • Nominal backlash in (mm): 0.004 (0.1)
  • Integrated motor and roller screw
  • Lubrication ports for easy maintenance without disassembly

About Diakont Diakont is a full-cycle engineering, manufacturing, and service company that provides high-tech solutions which enhance the safety and economy of the energy and manufacturing industries. With the North American headquarters located in San Diego, CA, Diakont is a global company that specializes in electric motion control, high tech vision components, and inspection equipment.

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