Discovering Augmented Reality for Automation Operators

  • July 17, 2015
  • Progea North America Corp.
  • Progea North America Corp.
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July 17, 2015 - Progea recently presented an example of taking supervision to the next level with augmented reality. The concept is to provide industrial automation operators a tool to use for visualizing automation system data when connected in Wi-Fi or a broadband mobile network. 


This type of augmented reality visualization takes place through a display inside the lens of a piece of hardware, such as Google Glass, which overlays the physical world allowing operators to view relevant data in real-time.  Progea’s experimental example showed how users can display several screens relating to the plant zone they are operating in at that moment. These screens are in the form of live slides that can be browsed with the swipe of a finger to view real-time data necessary to make important decision on the active system. 

By using this type of display users can check the operating status of the components they are interested in at that moment. They can query and interact with the system by using vocal commands or the lateral touch pad to ask for the real-time data (variables, alarms, instructions or help) provided by the Movicon Server.

The operator is able to activate operating commands to the plant (start-stop, set points, acknowledge alarms, etc.) using the appropriate menu commands.

The augmented reality tools, in addition to the hardware such as Google Glass, can also be managed using standard Tablets or Smartphones.  This is done by means of using the device’s geo-localization feature together with plant visualization software while obtaining information from the Movicon  server.   This information is displayed dynamically and overlaid directly on the real images of the plant.  The QR-code can also be used instead of the geo-localization feature to access targeted local information.

While still in development alongside the advancement of augmented reality, this is just one example of Progea’s continuous effort to bring the most advanced automation solutions to the market.

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