Enhanced security due to two-factor authentication

  • July 31, 2015
  • MB Connect Line
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What do the names of your favorite food, your preferred vacation spots and your children have in common? You probably guessed it - as passwords they are unsuitable.

For secure passwords there are different strategies. Some swear on a password generator which generates random passwords from digits, special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters. Others try to use reproducible passwords based on an individual scheme.  

However even the best password can be cracked. Or it falls through theft into the hands of criminals, for instance by keylogging or poorly secured password and user data at service providers. If then the private photo or music collection is deleted this is annoying. But usually the personal existence is not threatened.  

Completely different is the situation with login information for equipment and infrastructure, e.g. for remote maintenance. A password in the wrong hands can cause great damage.  

For these reasons we offer for the remote service platform mbConnect24 V2.0 optionally the two-factor authentication 2FA. It is based on two different identifiers. Users must enter both, when logging on to the platform mbConnect24.  

The Login on the platform consists of three steps:

1. Enter User Name

2. Enter password

After entering the password the platform generates a PIN and sends it via SMS to the registered mobile number of the user

3. Enter PIN

The security benefit results from the fact that the two factors password and PIN are generated and managed independently. For each login a new PIN will be generated. The SMS are free of charge.  

Independent of your password management today – with the 2FA you raise your protection against unauthorized access to your machines and systems to a new level.

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