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  • July 24, 2015
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July 24, 2015 - EPLAN expands Data Portal for web service. The fee-based web service, Data Portal Professional, lets users get comprehensive functionalities to update or enrich device data, as well as significantly expanded filtering possibilities.

When device data has been updated in the portal, the system alerts users as to which data is more current than that found in their local database. The advantage: users can update their data at the push of a button, without manually searching and replacing. The portal´s data enhancement functionality begins at the start of a project, when device data is not yet available in the device management system. Users can send lists of devices or model numbers to the Data Portal, and then they receive a shopping cart to download with all the found device data. Besides supplementing commercial data, these updates also include important engineering data such as macros, documentation and production data.

Users can begin designing without having to go through the tedious process of setting up master data beforehand. Another practical benefit: once device data has been enhanced, the change is accounted for during the routine update for the device data. Comprehensive filtering options, such as the ability to save prefilters, can be assigned to individual persons via the integrated rights administration. Components can be located more quickly, considerably increasing the speed of the design process.

With the revised feedback functionality, users can use the e-mail function to contact manufacturers directly from the portal if components are not correct or not in the database. Device manufacturers receive direct answers to the following crucial questions: How many times has a component been downloaded? What countries are the products being used in? Which products are the most interesting to users? Comprehensive evaluations offer precise controlling data to manufacturers´ product management and sales departments. Fields of action can be derived using this information and product successes more precisely planned. EPLAN helps manufacturers integrate their own electronic product catalogs into EPLAN Data Portal. The services range from the migration of existing catalogs and product configurators to the development of new configurators. The result is a tailor-made electronic product catalog that offers users custom engineering support. Advantages for users •    Device data easy to locate quickly •    Minimal effort to administer master data •    Significant time savings for design engineering •    Increased documentation quality •    Supports interdisciplinary processes Advantages for manufacturers •    Development of additional sales channel •    Direct access to around 75,000 EPLAN users •    Transparency about company´s product usage •    Comprehensive evaluations with controlling data •    Direct user/manufacturer e-mail contact

EPLAN Software & Service develops engineering solutions, which accelerate the product development process. Interdisciplinary expert systems assure the highest degree of productivity and data integration. The solution provider develops customer-specific and tailor-made PDM and PLM concepts and provides comprehensive services such as customizing, consulting and training. Innovative development competence, a consistently practical approach, and international presence are the resulting success factors. EPLAN is part of Rittal International and thus of the Friedhelm Loh Group with 11,500 employees worldwide and generated revenues of about 3 billion USD in 2011. EPLAN is therefore synonymous with continuity and investment security. Eight offices in North America and company presence in 50 countries support 45,000 customers with 110,000 installations worldwide. The corporate motto - 'Efficient Engineering' - underlines the proficiency of optimized, efficient processes, which keep companies competitive in the long term.

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