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  • November 04, 2015
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China, 29th October, 2015– There is a large scale use of different control systems for operating a number of machineries. It is the true picture in case of factories, warehouses, switching on telephone networks, aircraft and other applications. Eusens Control System Co. Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of industrial automation products. It is also involved in system development, systems integration, software development, OEM support and control engineering contracting services. The company has already made a name for itself in the industry automation field.

Eusens Control has several clients that are automatic machinery supplier and system integrators. It includes food, medical packaging, cosmetics, tamper-evident necessities, sliced to length applications, labeling, etc. Servomotoris one of the flagship products of this company available in a number of models priced low to high. The Panasonic branded A5 series motor ensure seamless operation along with lower vibration stopping. It establishes an accurate positioning in a limited period of time. There is also new proprietary signal processing technology for achieving 1.04 million pulses. 

With Eusen range of products, the factories can run smoother and function more effectively. Their servomotoresare manufactured in way that enabled lowest cogging by lowering pulse width. It is done by incorporating a fresh design with 10 pole rotor for this motor and magnetic field parsing technique. Especially the stability and positioning are well impacted by minimal torque variation. It leads to improved speed stability and positioning of motor rotation.

The aforementioned device also accommodates this industry’s leading positioning resolution commands. Both the feedback output and command input is operating at a great speed of 4 mbps. It accommodates high speed operation and high resolution that includes standard fully closed operation. Similarly, the servo valveis also available in a number of models to make a purchase. The sizes vary from DN15 to DN80 while the valve body rating would correspond to JIS 10K.   

This flagship product is known to be compact and lightweight. Here, the valve and actuator are well integrated into a single unit. It ensures equivalent percentage flow characteristic serving as durable actuator with low power consumption. It is specifically targeted to general air conditioning. Some of these models communicate with a controller through SAnet. This equipment is designed in a way that ensures low leakage and high rangeability. Other business field of the company features AC drives, AC servo system, AC invertors, SMPS, sensors and soft starter, speed controller, etc.

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Eusens Control System Co. Ltd is a well established high-tech enterprise offering industrial automation products. It is involved in multiple segments which include development of automation products, systems integration, software development, systems development, OEM support, etc. Visit the company’s official site for more information on the products and services offered for the customers.     

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