FCI Installs 20 Spent Fuel Pool Level Instruments at 6 Chinese Plants

  • June 05, 2015
  • FCI - Fluid Components International
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June  5, 2015 - Fluid Components International (FCI) has successfully installed 20 of its Model CL86 Plus Spent Fuel Pool Level Instruments (SFPLI) in 6 different plants located throughout China. 

The catastrophic 2011 earthquake related events at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant revealed the critical need to monitor the water level and conditions within spent fuel pools. FCI responded to this situation with a specially modified version of its proven, 1E qualified Model CL86 Plus SFPLI.  It meets or exceeds all parameters required by plant operators and regulatory agencies for SFP level monitoring.

The FCI CL86 Plus SFPLI’s provide highly reliable, continuous level data feedback to plant operators, which ensures proper water levels are maintained in the spent fuel pools.  The FCI Model CL86 Plus SFPLI fully complies with China’s post-Fukushima’s regulations (as well as those of other nuclear agencies worldwide) to install level measurement instrumentation in all spent fuel pools. 

The Model CL86 Plus SFPLI from FCI was selected for the Chinese plants because of its proven installed base in other nuclear power plants, its nuclear safety qualifications, FCI’s local service and support network, and the company’s long continuous service to the nuclear power industry.

The Model CL86 SFPLI combines three critical measurements: continuous level, point level and temperature into an integrated multi-variable solution for spent fuel pool monitoring. Although integrated, the sensors and their associated electronics are completely independent from each other to provide the robustness, independence and reliability required in nuclear power plants. They provide both discrete and independent outputs of each measurement for interface with the control room and alarm system.

FCI is the world’s leading manufacturer of thermal dispersion technology-based level and flow instrumentation. FCI has been a continuous, nuclear industry 1E qualified supplier since 1978, having provided measurement solutions to numerous applications to more than a hundred nuclear power plants throughout the world. The CL86 Plus is an extension to these products, experiences and qualifications, which was developed spe­cifically to address the needs that have emerged for better measurement and moni­toring of the spent fuel pool. 

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