Innovasic announces TILE In-Line Security

  • May 19, 2015
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May 19, 2015 - Innovasic announces TILE In-Line Security at the industrial field device level.  Innovasic has integrated the “Transparent In-Line Encryption” (TILE) encryption approach into its fido5000 Real-time Ethernet Multi-protocol (REM) Switch using an Altera Cyclone V FPGA.

Based on the SiMON encryption engine, developed by the US Government, the TILE module in the fido5000 REM Switch provides encryption as secure as AES, but at an order of magnitude lower cost in terms of silicon area.  Latency is only a few cycles so industrial network traffic is unimpeded through the REM switch.  Power is also dramatically reduced by an order of magnitude over AES.  These features make encryption possible on industrial devices with demanding performance and a high level of determinism.  And because TILE allows encryption to be implemented on individual devices, these devices can coexist with non-encrypted devices on an industrial network.

“We all know there needs to be a layered approach to security”, says Jordon Woods, Innovasic’s Chief Technology Officer.  “And our demonstration of TILE security shows individual devices at the field level can be protected without affecting the performance of a highly resilient industrial network.”

Innovasic has a demonstration of TILE in an EtherNet/IP with beacon-based DLR application and is adding TILE to its fido5000 REM Switch as well as its RapID Platform family of Industrial Ethernet solutions  

About Innovasic

Innovasic provides extended life semiconductor solutions for customers who have products with long life-cycles. The company’s processors, communication controllers and mixed signal devices are key components in industrial automation equipment, transportation systems, instrumentation, and medical devices. Innovasic’s newest solutions enable customers to quickly integrate real-time Industrial Ethernet into their products at the highest performance and the lowest cost. Extending the life of its customers’ products has established Innovasic as a trusted partner and an approved supplier to leading electronic system manufacturers worldwide.


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