INVT to open Suzhou Park in China

  • August 20, 2015
  • Shenzen Invt Electric Co. Ltd
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August 20, 2015 - China’s manufacturing industry is at the key stage of transforming and upgrading, and the inverter and automation industry is a driving force of traditional manufacturing industry into intelligent mode. Since establishment in 2002, INVT has transformed from a leading middle-to-low voltage inverter manufacturer into an inverter-based electric drive solution supplier, meanwhile the industrial automation (servo system) and new energy (UPS/PV inverter) have been swiftly grown up. In 2012, the Company adjusted the strategic structure and made an important strategic decision to start construction the modern industrial parks of its own.

As an industrial center of INVT in east China, Suzhou Park is constructed by phases. And currently phase one is located in Suzhou Science & Technology Town with 70 mus of land area for workshop, office building, research & laboratory and staff center. The Park adopts low-carbon ecological design and advocates energy-saving concept, for example, the rainwater collecting system for irrigating, and this Park will become an example of full application of INVT’s products, i.e. solar power system, elevators with INVT drive control system, driving and air compression system with INVT inverters, INVT standby power supply and so on. It will become a 100,000 square meters of automated industrial park integrating R&D, application, test and certification, production, business training and marketing; and is also expected to become the industrial automation base of INVT with 500,000 sets of production and 1,500,000 sets of inverters, servo drives, elevator controllers and new energy products as well as the state-of-the-art R&D and test center. It’s estimated that the base will, after 3-5 years, realizes over 500 million yuan of annual production value and become the profit growing point of the company.

Meanwhile, Suzhou Park boasts advantageous location and reasonable industrial layout, it will become a hi-tech and low carbon industrial automation park and boost Suzhou Science & Technology Town to become the hi-tech innovating research and development base of Suzhou. As chairman and general manager of INVT, Mr. Huang Shenli said on the ground-breaking ceremony that it’s an important strategic decision of INVT to construct Suzhou Park and it’s also a very important part in INVT’s industrial layout as it will take on the important mission of the group developing industrial control business and becoming one of the important key business parts. This Park will be helpful to further enhance the image and competitiveness of the company and make contribution to the development of new industries as well as the transforming and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry.

By far, the roof of 40,000 square meters of workshop in the park has been sealed, and the secondary structural construction and electromechanical installation are under normal processing. Indoor wall space and rooftop have been painted, glass curtain wall is installed and completed, toilet decoration, anti-static self-leveling ground and unload platform are under normal construction. HVAC project is under final debugging, wiring project is being installed with equipment. The equipment in transformer station are being installed, driving system is completed for final debugging, and elevators are being installed. In additional, the road plan inside the town adopts net structure and comprises urban rapid road, arterial road, sub arterial road and side road; there are several residential communities in the living cycle, including kindergarten, primary school, middle school, hospital, supermarket, hotel, bank and other living facilities, all of them will provide convenience for the staff to work and live here.

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