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  • October 13, 2015
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October 13,  2015 - The International Society of Automation (ISA) today released the advance program for its 2015 Process Control & Safety Symposium, featuring world-class presentations, paper sessions, panel discussions, tutorials, training courses, vendor exhibitions, and other value-packed activities—all designed to help process measurement and control professionals in chemical and energy processing and other process industry sectors operate more safely and securely.

Leveraging the global expertise of seven ISA technical divisions, the symposium is expected to draw more than 200 registrants 9-12 November 2015 in Houston, Texas USA. Attendees will learn how everyday decisions can have significant downstream results—both positively and negatively—on plant safety and security as well as on key quality and efficiency metrics. Download the complete conference program of the 2015 ISA Process Control & Safety Symposium (PCS) by clicking here.  

Held for the first time last year, the symposium brings ISA’s world-class technical content, training and exhibiting opportunities back to Houston in response to strong demand among the area’s automation professionals. Highlights include:

Four targeted ISA courses, led by ISA’s globally recognized subject matter experts.

Three renowned keynote speakers: Maurice Wilkins, Ph.D., Vice President of Yokogawa’s Strategic Marketing Center; Lloyd F. Colegrove, Ph.D., Director of Data Services and Fundamental Problem Solving at the Analytical Technology Center within The Dow Chemical Company; and Paul Gruhn, Global Process Safety Consultant at Rockwell Automation.

An extensive, content-rich technical program. (All sessions, segmented by topic, are listed further down in this press release.)

An outstanding vendor exhibit demonstrating the latest technologies and solutions from 25 industry leaders. (A complete list of exhibitors is included further down in this press release.) A special feature is Tech Day, to be held on Tuesday, 10 November, when the exhibit hall will be open to all automation professionals in the Houston area at no charge, and a reception, with cash bar, will be offered.

Industry-proven ISA training in process safety, security and wireless systems Attendees can choose from four industry-proven ISA courses (and earn valuable CEUs) encompassing the critical components of safety, security and wireless communications. The training courses, all of which will be conducted on Monday, 9 November, include:

Introduction to the Management of Alarm Systems (IC39C) - Focuses on the key activities of the alarm management lifecycle provided in the ANSI/ISA18.00.02 standard, Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries.

Introduction to Industrial Automation Security and the ANSI/ISA99 (IEC 62443) Standards (IC32C) - Concentrates on the fundamentals of the ANSI/ISA99 Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems standards and how these can be applied in the typical factory or plant.

An Introduction to Safety Instrumented Systems (EC50C) - Covers the basics of the design and selection of safety systems, examining proper use of technology, level of redundancy, testing, field devices, and other considerations.

Industrial Wireless Systems (IC85C) - Examines the most relevant details of industrial wireless systems with an emphasis on how various technologies coexist, interoperate, and interact with each other. Numerous real-world examples are illustrated.

An expert-driven program of technical and tutorial sessions Attendees are sure to gain practical knowledge they can immediately apply in the workplace through expert-delivered tutorials and incisive, thought-provoking paper sessions on safety, communications, chemicals, instrumentation and control, and other vital topics

Learn all about the latest developments and emerging trends in process control and industrial cybersecurity that are determining future operational needs, expectations, and requirements. Below are some of the truly outstanding sessions on the conference agenda, segmented by topic.

Chemical and Petroleum Sessions

Automation Infrastructure Upgrades at an Oil Storage Terminal       

Integrating Multi-generational Automation Systems    

How to Beat your Start-up Date  

Report from the Trenches-Current Alarm Management Practices                                                                         

Communications Sessions

Internet-of-Things for Automation Presentation and Panel Session 

Wireless Networks for Industrial Automation and Smart Manufacturing 

Panel Session        

Adoption of Wireless for Safety     

Safety and Alarming Applications Based on ISA100 Wireless system   

Ethernet Backbone Improves Design, Implementation, and Lifecycle Management of Safety Systems            

Best Practices to Improve the Safety and Productivity of Plant Operations                                                                                     

Education Sessions

How to Use ISA: Guiding Engineers/Technicians’ Use of Resources                                                         

Distance Automation Engineering Labs

Deterministic Process Analysis

Instrumentation Sessions

Gas Void Fraction Eliminator: How Much Money are You Paying for Air?

Modifying Protection Method from Non-incentive to Intrinsically Safe Installation                                               

New Technology for Toxic and Flammable Gas Detection                                          

Toxic Gas Detectors for Shelter In Place (SIP)        

Advanced Control and Simulation Session

Reliability in Measurements: Common Misconceptions in Calibration Management     

Novel Design of Ubiquitous Data-Centric Automation and Control Architecture                                                                                                                                                  

Process Measurement and Control Sessions

ISA106, Procedure Automation for Continuous Process Operations

Procedural Automation in Continuous Processes—A  Dow Chemical Success story

Using Procedural Automation to Standardize and Improve Operations in Continuous Processes                                                      

Pulp and Paper Industry Sessions

Is Process Control Training REALLY No Longer Necessary?

Addressing Cycling Problems in Pulp and Paper Processes

Tutorial: Diagnosing the Root Cause of Oscillations

Industrial Advances in Wireless Control

Virtualization—A  powerful tool for process control

Big Data Improves Plant Safety

Safety Sessions

Testing of Safety Instrumented Systems: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Panel Session

Workshop: Performance-Based Gas Detection System Design using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling of Gas Dispersion                

FMEDA Predictions and OREDA Estimations for Mechanical Failure Rates: Explaining the Differences                

Workshop: Fire and Gas Design for the Process Industry: Are there Real Dangers behind the Smoke and Mirrors of F&G Detection Mapping?                 

Panel Session - IEC61511 Updates: What's New in the Next Release and What Does it mean to You?                            

Security Sessions

Adapting NIST Cybersecurity Framework for Conformance Assessment                                         

Open Discussion Regarding NIST Cybersecurity Framework in ICS Applications

Performing an IACS Cyber Risk Assessment per ISA 62443

Applying ISA/IEC 62443-3-2 for Assessing Cybersecurity Risks of Drilling Assets (including Existing and New Drilling Rigs)

ICS Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Panel Session

Hardening Industrial Control Systems (ICS) to Avoid a Cyber Attack    

Demystifying Government-Validated Solutions: Navy Case Study Shows How Critical

Looking for Trouble on OT Networks: Tools and Techniques to Identify Threats to ICS Communications              

A sold-out vendor exhibit featuring premier companies and leading-edge solutions The premier companies serving the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, and related markets will present and demonstrate their products and services at the exhibit component of the symposium.

Discover the latest technologies and applications across all core solution areas, including:

Control systems

Chemical and energy processing

Data management instrumentation

Wireless networks

Process and functional safety

Safety Instrumented Systems


The list of corporate sponsors and exhibitors includes




CSA Group

CSE w-Industries

Emerson Process Management



Evans Consoles


ISA Security Compliance Institute


ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute


MAVERICK Technologies

MESA International

MicroPack Detection

Opto 22

PR Electronics


Rockwell Automation

Schneider Electric

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories


Siemens Industry

SIS Tech

The Modal Shop, Inc.

Trinity Integrated Systems

Ultra Electroni

About ISA The International Society of Automation is a nonprofit professional association that sets the standard for those who apply engineering and technology to improve the management, safety, and cybersecurity of modern automation and control systems used across industry and critical infrastructure. Founded in 1945, ISA develops widely used global standards; certifies industry professionals; provides education and training; publishes books and technical articles; hosts conferences and exhibits; and provides networking and career development programs for its 36,000 members and 350,000 customers around the world.

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