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  • September 15, 2015
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September 15, 2015 - The International Society of Automation (ISA) will jointly deliver a live industrial cybersecurity webinar in late September with Ultra Electronics, 3eTI, a leading cyber-technology company with products and solutions that secure critical infrastructure and improve operational efficiency.

The free, one-hour webinar with Q&A session, "Building Stronger, Smarter Industrial Control Systems: Cyber Security Best-Practices from the Attacker's Perspective," will be conducted at 1 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, on Wednesday, 30 September.

The webinar will examine: vulnerabilities of industrial control systems underpinning the world’s critical infrastructure and means to defend against industrial cyberattack; advanced methods for managing cyber risks, and robust architectures that can accommodate new and legacy systems. 

Today’s ICS, experts contend, are designed for high reliability rather than cybersecurity. The vulnerability of these systems to cyber threats and the growing sophistication of industrial cyberattacks are increasing the likelihood of serious, adverse events.

The webinar presenters—Alex Tarter, Ph.D., Director of 3eTI's Cyber Security Programs, and Adam Crain, Partner at Automatak and noted cybersecurity researcher—will consider these dynamics in evaluating how new developments in ICS architecture are contributing to more robust and secure ICS.

ISA is a global leader in industrial automation and control system (IACS) cybersecurity standards and compliance, training and certificate programs, and educational resources.

At the core of ISA’s leadership in IACS cybersecurity is the ISA/IEC 62443 series  of standards. Developed by international cybersecurity experts from across industry, government and academia, the standards are designed to prevent and mitigate IACS security vulnerabilities across all key industry sectors and critical infrastructure—including  power generation, water treaent, petroleum and chemical processing, and other vital operations.

"We're pleased to be working with ISA on this latest webinar project," said Frank Ignazzitto, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, 3eTI. "We've learned from past collaborations that ISA audiences are engaged, highly informed and ready to drive dynamic conversations on ICS security, standards and processes. We look forward to another excellent session."

Jennifer Infantino Halsey, ISA's Director of Marketing & Communications, emphasized that the mounting threats of industrial cyberattack increase the need for industry and manufacturing leaders to stay informed on effective cybersecurity strategies and solutions.

“This joint webinar is a convenient and highly accessible way our members and customers can better educate themselves about the risks of cyberwarfare and take proactive steps to minimize their exposure,” Halsey points out.

About Ultra Electronics, 3eTI Ultra Electronics, 3eTI is a leading provider of military-grade secure communications that enable critical systems security, infrastructure security, and facilities management for the defense, government, utilities and industrial markets worldwide. Solutions form robust, cyber-secure, wired and wireless sensor networking systems that modernize and integrate disparate legacy systems across widespread bases and facilities to increase productivity, and provide a path to lower operational costs. 3eTI’s product portfolio includes net-centric and OEM products that enable comprehensive data protection for a wide range of defense and industrial applications such as secure wireless mesh networks, industrial sensor networks, cyber security, and perimeter security solutions approved for use by the most stringent and demanding customers, including the US military.

About ISA The International Society of Automation is a nonprofit professional association that sets the standard for those who apply engineering and technology to improve the management, safety, and cybersecurity of modern automation and control systems used across industry and critical infrastructure. Founded in 1945, ISA develops widely used global standards; certifies industry professionals; provides education and training; publishes books and technical articles; hosts conferences and exhibits; and provides networking and career development programs for its 36,000 members and 350,000 customers around the world.

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