ITTIA adds Freescale Kinetis to DB SQL database software

  • August 31, 2015
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August 31, 2015 - ITTIA adds Freescale Kinetis microcontrollers to its embedded database DB SQL. Targeting these low-power MCUs provides a robust database software platform for streamlined development of secure, connected Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Deployed in mission-critical applications that include utility, medical, consumer, and other industries worldwide, the small-footprint DB SQL storage engine is well-matched for applications built on the Freescale Kinetis processor portfolio.

Comprehensive, low-cost database software helps Kinetis developers to accelerate development and reduce cost. As there is a direct trend toward building and connecting IoT application data across a broad range of markets with low-power protocol stacks and reliable tools, DB SQL on Kinetis is an ideal data management choice for embedded platforms.

Support for Kinetis processors in DB SQL benefits manufacturers targeting embedded markets, including IoT, for which memory and resource constraints require small-footprint components. Developers of Kinetis MCU applications are now empowered to build systems that, like enterprise applications, easily create, edit, update and report on data stored in a truly relational database. More specifically, ITTIA DB SQL provides rich features including concurrency, high availability, data integrity validation, and security with no external database administrator (DBA). This ensures scalability, interoperability with other systems, and reliable storage.

The Freescale Tower System with the ITTIA DB SQL SDK provides modular, reusable development platform that allows product designers to get to market faster.


ITTIA offers database solutions for platforms where limited memory, storage, and processing power makes software development challenging. ITTIA develops fast, high performance database products and tools with the goal of providing excellent data management software for embedded systems and devices. ITTIA products are designed to be suitable for application development and deployment at a significantly reduced cost. 

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