NEMA Publishes Application Guide for AC Adjustable Speed Drive Systems

  • December 01, 2015
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December 1, 2015 - The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published NEMA ICS 7.2-2015 Application Guide for AC Adjustable Speed Drive Systems. This guide assists users in proper selection and application of alternate current (AC) adjustable speed drive systems. It covers AC electrical drive systems rated 600 volts or less, consisting of three-phase induction motors, voltage-source pulse-width modulated adjustable frequency controls, and associated components. It also addresses common issues that should be considered in the selection of drive system components and the installation and application of the drive system.

Originally published in 2007 by the NEMA Adjustable Speed Drive Systems and Motors and Generators committees, revisions include additional definitions and the transfer of clauses on “Loop Position and Tension Control Systems” in 6.7.2, “Tension Feedback Control Systems” in 6.7.3, and “Wind and Unwind Drive Systems” in 6.8 from NEMA ICS 7.1.

NEMA ICS 7.2-2015 may be purchased in hard copy for $131 or downloaded at no cost on the NEMA website.

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