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  • October 23, 2015
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October 23, 2015 — ODVA, the international standards development and trade organization that manages a technology portfolio of information and communication technologies for industrial automation - including EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet and the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), has launched a new website.  The new site provides a framework for sharing the organization’s vision for the future of industrial automation as well as improving the user experience for professionals in the industrial automation sector. In addition to providing a base for thought leadership on issues at the forefront of industrial automation, the site contains areas unique to the needs of specific community members, including users, developers and ODVA Members. In the ODVA Marketplace (also accessible at marketplace.odva.org), users will find a single point of information on thousands of products and hundreds of companies who make and sell ODVA CONFORMANT products using ODVA technologies. In the ODVA Know-How Hub (also accessible at know-howhub.odva.org), engineers who are embarking on the development process for products using ODVA technologies can accelerate their proficiency in ODVA technologies with an easy-to-understand roadmap for a development project, from investigation through marketing one’s product.  ODVA’s new website also includes a collaboration community for ODVA Members, order forms for ODVA services, subscriptions, and events, and general information about ODVA, its technology and standards, happenings in the ODVA community, and publications for download.    “Visitors to ODVA’s website are a diverse constituency comprising both external and internal stakeholders,” said Katherine Voss, ODVA’s president and executive director.  “ODVA designed the new site to meet the needs of this population of stakeholders and to help this community migrate, and benefit from, the paradigm shifts currently shaping the future of industrial automation.”   The site was officially launched on October 16 following the conclusion of ODVA’s 2015 Industry Conference and 17th Annual Meeting of Members.  ODVA plans ongoing enhancements to the site to improve the visitor experience. About ODVA Founded in 1995, ODVA is a global association whose members are comprised of the world’s leading automation companies. ODVA’s mission is to advance open, interoperable information and communication technologies in industrial automation. ODVA recognizes its media independent network protocol, the Common Industrial Protocol or “CIP” – and the network adaptations of CIP – EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CompoNet and ControlNet – as its core technology and the primary common interest of its membership. ODVA’s vision is to contribute to the sustainability and prosperity of the global community by transforming the model for information and communication technology in the industrial ecosystem. For future interoperability of production systems and the integration of the production systems with other systems, ODVA embraces the adoption of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and standard, unmodified Internet and Ethernet technologies as a guiding principle wherever possible. This principle is exemplified by EtherNet/IP – the world’s number one industrial Ethernet network. 

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