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  • August 03, 2015
  • Unitronics, Inc.
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August 3, 2015 - Vapor Systems Technologies, Inc. of Springboro, OH has been manufacturing gas pump hoses, breakaways, whip hoses, gas nozzles, and basically any hanging hardware that stems from a gas dispenser out, since 1989. It was a goal of theirs to test run their nozzles through 1,000,000 cycles, which would equal about 17 years of normal service when operating in the world.

In the past, they were never able to test their nozzles for long periods of time, due to their inefficient tester that could only test one nozzle at a time. “It was extremely slow, and very unreliable.” Said Patrick Elam of Vapor Systems Technologies, Inc.  “We would only run it during business hours for fear of breaking down and other damages. This old tester was big, bulky and very difficult to move. I wanted the new tester to be smaller and more compact, so if the sales department wanted to take it with them to a petroleum show, they could.”

The V350-35-TR20 was a perfect fit for this task. “Our old tester required 120VAC to operate, and wasn’t reliable.” Elam said. “It would burn up relays, sensors and blow fuses regularly. We were always afraid to let it run past business hours because if it failed under load, it could burn up a pump. The V350-35-TR20 runs on 24VDC, and was reliable and safe.”

It was also compact, with its 3.5” color-touchscreen, and onboard/expandable I/O. Once the programing was complete they ran the tester for over two months straight, with zero failures and zero damage to any of the electronic components. Within 3 months they were able to hit their 1,000,000 cycle mark.

“Unitronics proved to be a time saver.” Elam said. “We were never able to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year (if we chose). The amount of money we saved from R&D time and not having to replace burned up components regularly, more than made up the cost of purchasing the V350-35-TR20. Plus by reaching our 1,000,000 cycle target, we were able to exceed our qualification test and put the finished product out in the market faster. Simple to program, reliable, and very affordable; what more could you want?”

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