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  • October 05, 2015
  • Progea North America Corp.
  • Progea North America Corp.
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Bridging the HMI/SCADA Gap


Manufacturers are looking for standard and open software solutions that can make their industrial automation projects independent from hardware devices, whether Touch Panel, PLC or control systems. They want to be independent from the constraints of “hardware + software” HMI artchitecture and proprietary solutions, but it can be tough to find the right solution.

Progea's PowerHMI product is a simplified, compact solution designed specifically to fill in the gap between conventional HMI products and fully blown industrial PCs. PowerHMI offers increased functionality and flexibility over conventional HMIs and will cost less than any industrial PC.

Movicon PowerHMI is open HMI software that easily adapts to any client need.

PowerHMI can be installed in any HMI panel based on Win32/64/CE and includes many features right out of the box.  If business requirements change, PowerHMI projects are upgradable to Movicon. This means any future expansion will let you use your Movicon PowerHMI developed project and then fully utilize all the other powerful Movicon SCADA features. This leaves you with greater scalability, and more feature potentiality based on what you need, when you need it. P_6_HMI-1.png

When you use Movicon PowerHMI you won’t need anything else.

This one development environment will give you complete PC and operator terminal visualization without spending extra on learning, training, personnel and maintenance. Seamlessly upgrade from PowerHMI to Movicon if your project does expand in the future, you will see further efficiencies and cost savings.

Movicon HMI software key features:

  • Only one Editor for XML-based projects from Windows™ CE to Windows™ 8
  • Project Scalability, from PowerHMI systems to Movicon SCADA platform
  • Wide ranging I/O Driver Library included, with automatic Tag importing from PLCs
  • Vectorial Graphics Editor with powerful and appealing object library
  • Powerful and complete range of graphical animation functions and templates
  • Complete Alarm Management with Event Log
  • Historical log Management in XML or DB
  • Recipe object-oriented management,import-export
  • Data Loggers in XML or DB
  • Built-in Ethernet TCP-IP Networking
  • Powerful Historical and Dynamic Trends, with Data Analysis functions
  • Powerful User and Password management
  • Powerful VBA scripting, multithreading
  • Event and Scheduler Objects
  • IP camera viewer management
  • OPC Client
  • Remote project control management, dbugger and file transferability included
  • Support for  Web Clients
  • Notifications via SMS and Email in WinCE

To set up a demo or get the brochure email info@progea.us.

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