Servo2Go offers Advanced Motion Controls EtherCAT products

  • May 28, 2015
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May 28, 2015 - Servo2Go offers Advanced Motion Controls EtherCAT products.  Models are available with AC (single or three phase) or DC inputs, from 7.5amp continuous (15A pk) to 50amp continuous (100A pk).

AMC’s EtherCAT products consist of panel mount and plug-in servo drives to allow for quick prototyping and ease of system integration.  Panel mount DPE drives serve as nodes in single or multi-axis EtherCAT networks, while plug-in DZE/DZS drives utilize AMC's unique, proprietary high speed multi-axis communication interface and I/O expansion capabilities (DxM and DxI/O Technologies).  Now a single EtherCAT node can accommodate a combination of up to 4 axes of motion with 32 digital inputs, 32 digital outputs, 4 analog inputs, and 2 analog outputs each.  The result is a highly integrated high value motion control solution for single or multi-axis applications.  Key features include:

  • EtherCAT Network Drives
  • CoE (CANopen over EtherCAT) device profile based on drives and motion control device profile, DSP-402
  • Programmable PDOs allow up to 16 receive and 16 transmit messages per drive per EtherCAT cycle.
  • Watchdog monitor disables the drive when communication is lost.
  • Cycle times down to 100 µs with jitter under 1 µs.
  • Auxiliary USB interface for commissioning and diagnostics.
  • Compatible feedback types: 5V TTL Encoder, 1Vpp Sin/Cos, Heidenhain or EnDat absolute encoders

DxM Technology

  • Allows control of up to 4 axes of servo motion from a single node on the EtherCAT network
  • One DZEANTU (node) and up to three DZSANTU (sub-nodes) provide a low-cost multi-axis EtherCAT solution
  • 'DxI/O' Technology
  • Low-cost network I/O expansion solution
  • Up to 70 additional digital and analog I/O points per axis – 280 additional I/O points in a 'DxM' configuration
  • All of the expanded I/O accessible via PDOs on the EtherCAT network



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