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  • July 23, 2015
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July 23, 2015 - Due to the shortage of fossil fuels, renewable energy such as wind power, solar power and other possible ways to replace the latter has been increasingly sought after.

But renewable energy has been fluctuating and unstable, it will in turn bring about huge problem for today’s rapid pace economy and high demands and expectations towards power supply.  Boosting power supply stability with good knowledge of smart grid structure is an important step to utilize renewable energy in a better way.

Combining renewable energy and energy storage solutions, we will see the reduction of power plant and smart grid investment. With efficiency and stability of smart grid, striking a balance of power supply can be attained.

In a large scale electrical energy storage application, zinc bromine flow battery technologies is largely used for their following advantages due to its low cost, long service life and its environmental friendliness. It also has a huge potential for a high extent of renewable energy penetration, distributed generation and smart grid. Thus future research have been heavily discussed and proposed in recent years.

The zinc–bromine flow batteryis a type of hybrid flow battery. A solution of zinc bromideis stored in two tanks. When the battery is charged or discharged the solutions (electrolytes) are pumped through a reactor stack and back into the tanks. One tank is used to store the electrolyte for the positive electrode reactions and the other for the negative.

Zinc Bromine battery offers 2 to 3 times the energy density (75 to 85 watt-hours per kilogram) with associated size and weight savings over present lead/acid batteries. Unlike lead/acid batteries, zinc bromine battery will not have any shorter life expectancy due to depth of discharge. Most importantly, zine bromine batteries can be charge / discharge up to thousands of times without compromising the capability.

A leading developer of innovative energy management system organization has partnered PULS to implement CPS20.241-70 (DC/DC Convertor) into their Zinc-bromineflow storagesystem for the purpose of controlling power supply. Smaller and other key distinctive features of PULS have fulfilled the customer requirements of existing PLC enclosure.

PULS CPS20.241-70

DC/DC Convertor used in zinc-bromine flow storage system

  • DC voltage input rangeÔºö340-560Vdc
  • DC output voltageÔºö24Vdc, 480W
  • Efficiency: 95.2%
  • Maximum power with bonus power (+20%): 576W
  • Effective temperature range: -25 to 70 Degree Celsius
  • Dimension (65 x 124 x 127mmÔºå65mm din rail width)
  • Weight(1000g)
  • DC-OK relay contact
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