Stainless Steel Silk Screening Scales ensure ink quality

  • September 11, 2015
  • Mettler Toledo
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September 11, 2015 - Toshin Kogyo in Japan provides both technology and delicate inks that turn plain fabric into works of art. Accurate weighing ensures that Toshin Kogyo’s color blends are correct so that final products are as consistent as they are beautiful. Mettler Toledo scales are an important part of the internationally respected company’s quality mix.

Established in Osaka in 1955, Toshin Kogyo has roots dating back to 1937. During that time, the company not only silk-screened fabric itself; but it also developed a series of usable, automated silk-screening machines that helped to revolutionize fabric printing worldwide. Toshin Kogyo assumes that about ten percent of all automated silk-screening performed worldwide is done on their machinery, which comprises a significant percentage of the world silk-screening market.

The pride Toshin Kogyo takes in creating precision machinery and its strong international reputation mean the mid-sized company produces a large amount of delicate silk-screening ink. Their ink-creation process requires a scale that can weigh 60 kg to a resolution of 0.1 g, with 1 g repeatability. Accuracy during the sensitive ink-blending process is critical: Even a minute difference in pigment mixes over time can mean colors that do not match.

Toshin Kogyo found a solution that can maintain required accuracy and repeatability in Mettler Toledo KB60s.2 scales and easy-to-use ICS429D terminals. These robust and easy-to-use solutions, connected via RS232C interface to Toshin Kogyo’s programmable logic controller (PLC), are a critical part of making sure the ink cartridges the company ships for use with its automated silk-screening equipment create rich, beautiful and accurate fabric colors.

The KB60s.2 platform scales currently in use at Toshin Kogyo have a hybrid stainless-steel construction that includes an electromagnetic force compensation (EFC) cell and lever arm system to help guarantee optimum linearity, resolution, and reproducibility. The scale design allows accurate weighing with a process tolerance of 1% from weights as low as 80 g up to a full load of 60 kg. KB60s.2’s integrated calibration weight can be activated with a single key press, and it automatically considers the individual gravity at different places on earth. KB60s.2 is also approved for hazardous-area use.

The recent changeover to the KB60s.2 has allowed Toshin Kogyo to obtain faster, better-quality weighing, while the scale’s IP66/67 rating has allowed them easier cleanup when spills occur. The scales’ benefits have saved processing time, increased manufacturing capacity, and reduced waste. “Our weighing accuracy is clearly better,” says Koichi Ichinose, President, Toshin Kogyo. “The improved repeatability we are gaining is pleasing both our quality managers and our loyal customers.”  

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