Strothmann to automate Press shop for Volkswagen Mexico

  • July 15, 2015
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July 15, 2015 - Volkswagen de México commissioned Strothmann to modernize a press line in the Volkswagen production plant in Puebla, Mexico.

Volkswagen has opted for electronic parts transfer by means of the established CompactTransfer system which – true to its name – is ideally suited for small installation spaces. Strothmann’s work far exceeds the delivery of a catalog solution. The systems partner will adapt the CompactTransfer to the peculiar requirements on site. Two highly dynamic linear technology modules per press gap are mounted on the existing press bolsters. Both sides are identical. Suspended between the actuated axes, a crossbar adapts the tooling to grip the blanks.

Automating the blank loading section, Strothmann draws on a comprehensive range of handling technology components developed and manufactured in-house: blank carts that can be flexibly positioned to accommodate any blank type, two unloading stations with sturdy, low-maintenance double feeders designed for continuous operation, two blank separating stations, a magnetic belt conveyor, and an optical centering station. Strothmann will enable the loading section for ferromagnetic as well as aluminum blanks and implement an automatic tooling change. The entire beginning of line will be enclosed for noise protection. Strothmann will also retrofit the end of line with unloading robots and a shuttle that transports press parts for further processing.

Automated handling solutions from Strothmann enhance work safety and plant efficiency. Flexible concepts enable manufacture of diverse parts geometries and quick line changes for new vehicle parts. Ever since the first order in 2010, Volkswagen has repeatedly commissioned Strothmann with extensive press line retrofits. To date, the handling specialist has successfully completed five retrofits in Volkswagen factories in Germany.

Based in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany, STROTHMANN Machines & Handling GmbH provides automation solutions for mechanical engineering, automotive industry, aircraft assembly, wind energy industry, and other sectors. With a service range that includes the branches PressRoomAutomation, IndustrialAutomation, and ProductionLogistics, STROTHMANN develops and integrates entire new press lines and assembly lines as well as modernization projects in order to optimize production processes throughout the value added chain. 

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