Success with National Water Agency with PULS DC UPS Solution

  • July 23, 2015
  • PULS Pte Ltd
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From the morning we wake up from the bed to the time we commence on our body recuperation, we consume about 8 Cups of water a day. This does not include the water we require for showering, cooking and washing. Hence, water becomes an essential source of our daily requirement.

Singapore, a city that is surrounded by Sea water, despite having the capability to produce clean water from sea water through its renowned advance water filtration technology, still requires to purchase fresh raw water from our neighboring country Malaysia for many years due to the geographical reasons. This raw water was being process in different plants around the island before being pump for our daily use.

National Water Agency in Singapore in charge of water has to ensure that all these plants achieve zero failure rates for smooth processes of water treatment. Hence, reliable partners to deliver this requirement becomes very critical.

In year 2014, PULS Power started our first engagement by introducing PULS DC UPS with the PULS 1 battery concept solution which drastically reduces the space requirement and also ensures maximum saving in the startup cost. Engineers in the National Water Agency were convinced in this and concept is being implemented and deemed successful.

The acceptance of PULS Power solution in this project has opened the door for PULS to be considered for future water projects on full product range from Power supply, redundancy modules as well as UPS unit.

All these engagement have put PULS Power into a new milestone of supporting critical installation in Singapore water projects. Also, we’ll be mirroring all these success to other South East Asia countries since water is an essential ingredient to our daily requirement.

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