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  • September 03, 2015
  • FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.
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The FUTEK USB520 answers today’s challenge in industrial test and measurement environments for an all-in-one USB data-acquisition component for encoder, switchable profiles, multiple input options and added application compatibilities. End-users can pair the USB520 with any of the transducers/sensors in the FUTEK product line for a turnkey, high-precision solution or can integrate it into existing applications to improve data acquisition.  Based on FUTEK’s pioneering test and measurement solutions since 1988 and very popular USB solutions family, the USB520 has evolved into a data exchange solution that does not compromise speed or accuracy, taking up to 4800 samplings per second (SPS) at ±0.01% of full-scale range (FSR). 

The digitization of this USB solution significantly reduces the negatives of traditional platforms such as noise, low accuracy, temperature variation, and excitation. In fact, resolution for the USB520 is uncompromised and noteworthy. At 5 SPS, users can experience 19 noise-free bits. At 4800 SPS, resolution is rated at 13.5 noise-free bits making it a leader in its class.

The USB520 serves as a general-purpose controller and amplifier. It can work with ±400 mV/V output transducers as well as amplified voltage output transducers up to ± 10 VDC, and current amplified systems up to 20 mA. To achieve its compatibility with amplified transducers, it can supply up to 24 VDC through the USB cable from the clean power source of the PC to the transducers and can supply simultaneous 5 VDC to power items such as encoders in rotary transducers.

The USB520’s USB cable and 12-pin connector cable assembly provides the end to time-consuming wiring guides, and countless stray wires. It provides pins for ± excitation, ± signal, supply output, ground, 5V output, ± voltage, and leading/lagging pulse. 

The USB520 eliminates the need for a power supply and bench-top or panel-mount equipment, which makes space constraints less of a challenge and allows a simple, plug-and-play connection to a PC for data acquisition. 

The USB520 can communicate with a computer using FUTEK’s SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software.  This software suite collects, graphs, and interprets sensor data, and includes a dynamic library link (DLL). The associated DLL file can be used in various programs such as LabVIEW and Visual Studio to command the USB520. The DLL can be downloaded from the SENSIT™ page of the FUTEK website. It also provides ASCII output that can be read using programs such as Hyperterminal or programmed macros.

The USB520 is compatible with various transducer types including strain gauge transducers, amplified output transducers (both voltage and current) and rotary transducers with encoder. The USB520 accepts measurements of load; pressure; temperature; displacement; torque; and encoder angle, speed, and direction.

The rich features of the USB520 allow users to tackle difficult industrial test and measurement challenges.  For example, the USB520 is an exceptional all-in-one USB data-acquisition solution for rotary torque transducers with encoder options.  Common applications include power tool verification, motor testing and monitoring, robotics and automatic test environments. Digital data is vital in refining and setting controls for these types of applications.  The USB520 can monitor torque, speed, and power, as well as accepting the encoder measurements. It can also act as the power supply to the torque transducer within the allotted specifications.  

In addition to its three standard calibration profiles—mV/V, voltage, and current, the USB520 can save up to four different, customizable system calibrations locally on its internal memory. This feature allows multiple transducers to be paired with a single device, one at a time, giving the user the ability to choose the right transducer and profile for the right application. The seven calibration profiles that are available on the USB520 make it a cost-effective test and measurement solution. 

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